Golden spoon, silver spoon, which spoon do you use and which cup you touch; black dress, white dress, which color dress you wear, exudes elegant charm. The ultimate elegance is not only in the black fishtail suspender skirt at nightfall, but also in the glorious light shining when the sun is shining.

   The Bulgari BVLGARI BVLGARI series does not continue the bold and exaggerated old road, only with gold and silver interlaced colors, giving women different roles from day to night. A metallic watchband lingers on your wrist, sometimes taking you coldly and geographically to make choices, and sometimes helping you express your love passionately. The official watch model is 102496 BBL19ITBSPG / 12.

   This jewellery watch on the wrist quietly tells the owner’s fashion taste and fashion attitude. If you secretly admire the bold and avant-garde spirit of ancient Rome, you don’t want to be sharp; if you want to have a unique style in the crowd, but don’t want to be too eye-catching; if you love Italian cultural heritage and the artistic charm of the Renaissance I also want to feel comfortable … The simple and exquisite BVLGARI BVLGARI series in the highly recognizable Bulgari brand is exactly the attitude you are looking for.

   Bulgari is known for its passion for gems and creative color matching. It creatively applies semi-precious stones such as coral, tourmaline, and amethyst to jewelry production, and boldly explores the color collision between different types of gems. Unique in the field of jewellery and watches. This BVLGARI BVLGARI series watch is naturally indispensable for gemstone embellishment. The top of the 18K rose gold crown is inlaid with convex pink gemstones as the finishing touch. Small and delicate gemstones are set next to the low-key minimalist dial without revealing sharpness.

   The strap extends spirally from one end of the dial of the watch, like a snake snake winding along its forearm to its neck. The silver-gold stainless steel and 18K rose gold double-twisted Tubogas bracelet originated from the introduction of industrial design concepts by Bulgari in 1949. After nearly seventy years of alternation, it still looks fashionable today.

   This watch is worn on the hand, and the comfort of the skin can be felt between the slightly cool touch. The strap is flexibly attached between the rotation of the wrist, which is one of the advantages of the Tubogas strap. The snake-shaped metal strap wrapped around the wrist has three rings. Whether it is paired with leather denim or evening dress, it is a personality charm that does not follow the flow.

   This BVLGARI BVLGARI series watch has changed its bold, unique, noble and luxurious style. In addition to giving up the exaggerated contrasting color design, it is only shown in gold and silver. The design of the dial is only a simple black lacquered dial, supplemented by 12 A small delicate diamond dots the scale. The stainless steel cylindrical case is inspired by ancient Rome. The watchmaker researched the architectural design of the ancient Roman temple and integrated the elements of the temple’s stone pillars into the watch design. The extremely compact dial is engraved with 18K rose gold bezel engraved with the words ‘BVLGARI BVLGARI’. Such retro design elements can not help but also trace the time back to the ancient Roman times. Ancient coins are engraved with inscriptions praising the power and prestige of the emperor This is another creative result of Bulgari as a watch design element.

   The watch uses a self-made quartz movement for precise movement, and the clear BVLGARI logo can be seen on the back of the case. For women, the watch is just one of a wide range of accessories. If it can move accurately, it must be perfectly matched with gorgeous clothes. As a world-renowned watch maker with a long history, every Bvlgari watch series is enough to meet this point. The BVLGARI BVLGARI series is the best choice for women who advocate minimalism and low-key restraint.

Summary: From the brand roots of ancient Roman culture, to the bold Italian design, from the industrial design elements of the Tubogas strap to the architectural design elements of the cylindrical dial, Bulgari continues to open up inspiration and innovative design concepts. The simple colors of silver and gold, the delicate embellishment of pink gemstones, and the pure black dial set with fine diamonds … The low-key and simple design of this BVLGARI BVLGARI series watch comes with a temperament that is not seen in thousands of rays. The official domestic price of this watch is 88,000 yuan.