As a legendary Italian watch brand, Panerai has always attracted much attention. Today, I would like to introduce Panerai’s self-produced movement P.3000, and provide a reference for everyone to buy Panerai watches.

Characteristics of Panerai’s own movement P.3000:
 The P.3000 movement is entirely developed by Panerai Watch Factory. It continues all the main characteristics of the Panerai movement, whether it is in terms of movement architecture, strength, precision or power reserve.
 The P.3000 movement is 16½ centimeters in diameter. Its wide dimensions are derived from the historical models of Panerai. This movement has a highly discernible structure, like a ¾ splint movement: one large, one small, two splints, covering most mechanical parts, and fixed to the bottom splint by a series of thick screws, forming an extremely Consolidated structure. The movement is equipped with 21 stones, with two connected barrels. This design gives 3-day power reserve to the slender clockwork, allowing the clockwork to release more even power over a longer period of time. Rare variable inertia type large balance wheel (13.2mm), equipped with four adjusting screws on the outer ring, you can adjust the speed of the balance wheel without removing the entire device. Equipped with a double-supported balance bridge, it is more secure and stable than a cantilever single splint. The balance frequency is 3 Hz, which is equivalent to 21,600 times per hour. Equipped with Incabloc® anti-vibration device and non-clamp spring, so no adjustment lever is required.
 In addition to the frosted splint and rounded chamfers (that is, all chamfers are ground and polished), the P.3000 movement is also equipped with a quick adjustment time device: a 12-tooth star wheel, plus a small spring clutch, that is, The hour hand indicating the local time can be moved by one hour without affecting the operation of the minute hand or watch. The P.3000 movement also has a date display.

Features of Panerai’s own movement P.3000:
 Hour and minute display
Technical parameters of Panerai’s own movement P.3000:
 Manually wound mechanical movement
 16 ½ cents
 5.3 mm thick
 21 stone
 Glucydur® balance
 21,600 vibrations per hour
 Incabloc® anti-shock device
 3-day power reserve
 Two barrels
 160 components
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