The design of the Raymond Weil Pasif series is inspired by Wagner’s famous opera. Pasif is the hero who seeks the Holy Grail in the legend of King Arthur. With this as the background, Passif’s design fully conveys the heroic celebration atmosphere. In 2003, Raymond Weil focused on its legendary model, the Parsifal series, and developed more detailed and exquisite styles in keeping with the original spirit of the brand and implementing its philosophy of success.

Parsifal is the most representative series of Raymond Weil. In order to meet the most demanding needs of consumers, Raymond Weil’s designers are committed to seeking a creation showing harmony and beauty. The Parsifal mechanical watch was born. This watch conforms to the characteristics of ergonomics, fully expressing the harmonious realm of the integration of man and watch.

The design of the Parsifal mechanical watch model, from the watch to the case, to the smooth lines in one go, presents an admirable and perfect harmony of beauty. As a result, the lines of this watch are more rounded, satisfying consumers’ demands for the watch’s pursuit of supple texture and smooth lines.

The Parsifal mechanical watch subtly expresses the brand spirit of Raymond Weil, showing the perfect state of elegance, touching and harmony. This classic watch is designed for the pursuit of perfect quality, trusting Raymond Weil watchmaking technology, and unique taste. Made to order.