After the beginning of spring, everyone’s heart started to feel active, and they wanted to buy and buy. Some time ago, a friend bought only Tudor 79350. This watch belongs to Tudor’s most popular ‘premium’ model. It is retro in style, but it is very easy to take, very photogenic, and many friends like it. But at the same price, in fact, there are many choices, from Rolex Airbus, IWC pilots, Omega Speedmasters, to a little bit more money to go to Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Master, so this friend also struggled for a long time when choosing, and finally chose The Tudor 79350 was a ‘little Daytona’ because Daytona was too expensive. Just as the Basel watch exhibition also ended, Tudor launched a new Biwan chronograph, simply take it together.

Left: Tudor 79350 watch Right: Rolex Daytona 116520

   Tudor 79350 was launched in 2017, and it has been on the market (the second half of 2017). It has actually been less than two years. It is also considered to be a ‘new watch’, and it should not have a replacement model in recent years, so this watch will Has long been a popular chronograph for Tudor. Prior to this, Tudor’s chronographs were mainly the Rider Series chronographs and the Kai Cheng series chronographs (the representative model is Blue Cat) in cooperation with Ducati. The public price of the Rider Series chronographs was 39,900 yuan. The public price of the series of chronographs is 42300 yuan. Although the Tudor Xunqi series has a high value and is very cool, but the movement is ETA 7753. Regardless of the performance, in the same price chronograph, I always feel that the grade is a bit worse, and the Kai Cheng series chronograph is also 2892 The core is loaded with Dubois-Depraz timing module, and it is not an integrated timing movement. Since 2015, Tudor introduced the self-made three-pin movement MT5621, at that time everyone suspected that Tudor launched its own chronograph movement, and sure enough, two years later, Tudor released the MT5813 automatic chronograph movement in cooperation with Breitling. , And launched the 79350 chronograph, its public price of 41600 yuan, than the price of the Kai Cheng chronograph equipped with 2892 movement is even cheaper, very conscience.

   At the same time, with the upgrade of the Qicheng Biwan series, the stainless steel bezel replaced the previous anodized aluminum bezel. The aluminum bezel is relatively soft and is prone to scratches. After a long time, there will be slight discoloration, and the stainless steel bezel can alleviate these effects. From an aesthetic point of view, the stainless steel bezel is full of manliness. Compared with Qicheng Biwan with red, blue, or black circles, the harsh industrial style enhances the feeling of tough guys, so when Tudor chose Beckham as the brand spokesperson, When wearing this watch, advertising campaigns are enough to captivate sentient beings.

Tudor 79350 is also beautiful with fabric straps

   Tudor 79350 is called ‘Little Daytona’ because it looks like its big brother Daytona. When Daytona had not yet made the ceramic ring, the bezel was stainless steel, the timing button had a lock, and the speed measurement word distribution and style on the bezel were very similar. The difference was that Tudor was a binocular-type sub-dial. Daytona is a three-eye sub dial. But compared to Daytona, Tudor 79350 has a big advantage is that it has a calendar. Daytona does not have a calendar. For people who are more busy with their daily work, the calendar is very practical and necessary, because they may want to Schedule, sometimes you can’t remember the specific date at one and a half minutes, it is very convenient to look at the watch.

   The reason why 79350 is more popular is because it is equipped with MT5813 automatic winding movement, this movement has been described in a very detailed article in the previous article, not to repeat it here, just briefly introduce. This movement is a product of Tudor and Breitling technology cooperation. Its blueprint is Breitling’s very mature B01 movement. This movement is widely used in Breitling’s chronograph, and its development team is from Rolex, but This background is actually not very important for the movement, as long as it knows that its main body is the B01 movement. Tudor made some changes to this movement. The automatic top was replaced with the style of Tudor’s home-made movement, and the balance spring was replaced by a non-carded silicon balance spring and the Tudor screw fine-tuned balance. The overall polishing is not as fine as B01. After all, the price needs to be controlled. The Breitling B01 movement watch is 10,000 yuan more expensive than Tudor, which is expensive.
   So at the same price, there are several options, namely the IWC 69380 movement watch, the Tag Heuer Caliber 01 movement watch and the Omega 1861 movement watch.

IWC pilot IW387903

   There are many IWC chronographs, but they are broadly divided into two types, one is an entry-level chronograph mainly based on outsourced movements, and the other is a self-made chronograph. The prices of these two are very different. In recent years, IWC Rapid development, coupled with the brand’s strong research and development capabilities, the outsourced movement is a bit degraded, so IWC introduced an independently developed entry-level chronograph movement 69380, a large number of assembly in the pilot series chronograph is still 6/9 / The 12 o’clock three-eye layout, plus the 3 o’clock dual calendar display, is similar to the previous 79320 movement. The more distinguishable point is that the small second hand of the 69380 movement is at 6 o’clock, and the small second hand of the 79320 movement is 9 At the o’clock position, the small seconds of the two movements and the 12-hour cumulative chronograph position are exactly opposite. The steel pilot watch equipped with IWC 69380 movement has a public price of 45,100, which is less than 4,000 more than Tudor 79350. The actual purchase price is similar. Personally, IWC pilots are better in brand and value, and In terms of movement, Tudor can reach 70 hours of dynamic storage, and better configuration, slightly better in practicality.

   TAG Heuer and Tudor belong to the same level. Aside from the natural aura of the Rolex Group, TAG Heuer is a bit higher. After all, the research and development of self-production capacity and high-end models takes longer than Tudor and the results are more significant. TAG Heuer’s representative self-made chronograph movement is Caliber 01, which is the former Caliber 1887. Caliber 01 belongs to the higher style 1887. It is not different in structure and performance itself, but it is more modern and technological. , Richer in the racing style of Tag Heuer. The Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph equipped with Caliber 01 movement has a public price of 39,900, which is more than 1,000 yuan cheaper than Tudor, and the prices are comparable. In terms of brand and value, Tudor 79350 and Tag Heuer Carrera belong to two styles, each with its own advantages, like the locomotive style, the avant-garde can choose Carrera, the mature and tough guy style can choose Tudor, but just In terms of trends, Tudor is obviously more durable and not easily out of date. As far as the movement is concerned, both of them are column-wheel structures. The aesthetics of TAG Heuer is better. The timing operation feels that both are comfortable and the difference is limited. However, I personally think that Tag Heuer is still the Carrera heritage series of the 1887 movement, and the public price is less than 35,000.

   Omega Speedmaster should not be put together with Tudor Kaicheng Biwan, because it is not on a level in terms of brand, series history and popularity. The only similarity is the price, so it is only a gossip. . The most classic of the Omega Speedmaster is of course a manual-winding chronograph, with a public price of about 44,000, and Omega also has an automatic winding Speedmaster chronograph, equipped with a 3330 movement, which costs more than 30,000, but in addition to the brand, I think I will choose the Tudor 79350 for comparison in all aspects, but the 1861 superpower is different. The main focus of the 1861 movement’s superpower is the super high value, half a century of historical heritage, the background of the moon landing, and the feelings of manual machinery. It is an ideal choice for lovers of mechanical chronograph watches. Tudor 79350 only Takes advantage in usability.

   During the Basel Show this year, TUDOR’s Biwan Chronograph has been updated and launched a gold steel watch, model M79363N. There are three choices of gold steel bracelet, fabric strap and brown antique discount belt. The public price of the strap model is 724700 yen (about 44,000 yuan) and 596500 yen (about 37,000 yuan), but due to the tax rate problem, the domestic price is definitely much higher than this converted price, after all, the steel model The domestic public price has reached 41,600 yuan. Compared with the previous model, the new model has an additional gold design and changed the dial color. The bezel has also been replaced with anodized aluminum.
   At this point, some people will definitely say that this comparison is unfair, and the brand is higher than Tudor, but to be honest, among brands lower than Tudor or the same level, there really does not seem to be any rival. Tudor has actually upgraded significantly in these years. Already. Tudor 79350 and Rolex Daytona are very similar in positioning. It is a very balanced watch. The craftsmanship, brand, performance, playability, practicality, etc. cannot be said to be the best in this price range, but not partial. With 85 points for each subject, the overall score is ideal.