With the explosion of e-commerce, people’s consumption habits are rapidly changing. Even groups with complex and special experience requirements such as watches are inevitably migrated online. How to buy real products online, how to improve the shopping experience, how to solve after-sales problems, etc. There are many consumer pain points in the process of buying watches and clocks online. And how to effectively lay out e-commerce channels, remove the obstacles to users’ online purchases, provide a more satisfying purchase experience, and provide closed-loop full-link worry-free services have become important issues that many brands have to face.
   Therefore, Jingdong Watches blew the brand “Assembly Number” on May 26, starting from “Customers, Brands, Fashion”, and jointly including Zenith, TAG HEUER, Nomos, CITIZEN, MOVADO, DW, Rossini, and Epo More than 20 well-known watchmakers at home and abroad (recommended to change to watch brands), jointly launched this watch brand alliance in Beijing, dedicated to bringing more quality, worry-free and pleasant shopping experience to consumers . This means that JD.com, which has been cultivating the watch category for 5 years, sent a strong signal of full force before the intensive preparations for 618. On the one hand, Jingdong Watches continues to introduce in-depth cooperation with well-known brands to provide more credible and rich products, eliminate user pain points and obstacles to experience, and meet the diverse and personalized needs of users; on the other hand, JD. More effective cooperation experience, optimized supply chain to take advantage of JD.com’s unique advantages, help brands gain better market development, and help industry upgrade.

   Before the launch, JD Watch and related persons and guests visited the JD Logistics Center. At present, JD is the only logistics network in the world with six small and medium-sized, large, cold chain, B2B, cross-border and crowdsourcing (Dada) As of now, JD Logistics has 263 large warehouses nationwide, and operates 7 large-scale intelligent logistics centers ‘Asia One’. Self-operated distribution covers 98% of the country’s population, reducing the cost of commodity circulation. 70%, logistics operation efficiency has increased by more than 2 times.
   At the kick-off meeting, the relevant persons in charge of Jingdong Watches and the guests shared the big data of Jingdong Watches. Through big data analysis, continue to study the consumer pain points before, during and after the watch purchase process, promote the opening of the online and offline after-sales warranty system of the brand, and improve the consumer’s Repair and maintenance needs experience, forming a complete full-link worry-free purchase, providing users with a full life-cycle shopping experience.
   As JD.com’s advantages in the supply chain become more prominent, JD.C watches and clocks will be even more upward based on the existing supply chain, and actively seek direct cooperation with the brand. Especially in recent years, well-known domestic and foreign watch brands such as Seiko, Citizen, Casio, Tianwang, Fiyta have established strategic cooperative relations with JD. Not only that, many luxury international watch alliances also favor JD Mall. TAG HEUER, a brand of LVMH, has already selected JD as a strategic cooperation platform as of the end of 2015. In view of the outstanding performance of TAG HEUER in JD, the group’s other A luxury watch brand ZENITH has also chosen to settle in JD.com and has already cooperated with international big brands such as MOVADO, NOMOS, etc., which have highly recognized the JD platform. JD Watch is committed to upstreaming the supply chain and will bring a brand new shopping experience to consumers.

   At the same time, as consumers’ demand for watch matching functions becomes more and more intense, JD.com also said that it will focus on the development of fashion and sports smart watches in the future. Through in-depth cooperation with the Fusi Group, JD.com has introduced many fashionable watches such as FOSSIL, MICHAEL KORS, and EMPORIO ARMANI to consumers. At the same time, the world-renowned sports watch brand SUUNTO has also conducted deep cooperation with JD. In the future, JD will bring more choices of high-quality fashion functional watches to consumers.
   After five years of hard work, Jingdong has grown into a benchmarking platform in the field of watch and e-commerce. Facing the demand for the watch and watch e-commerce industry upgrade, JD.com, which has 200 million middle-class registered users across the country, will also take advantage of the platform in the future to provide marketing brands with support for partner brands, such as shopping preferences of users in different regions, etc., to help partner brands Smart stocking. In addition, JD.com will also provide marketing and public relations support to the brand, and leverage its advantages in warehousing, logistics and after-sales services to empower the brand.