After fully revealing Lange’s new watches this year, there are two men’s watches, which I personally think are more interested in Lange’s new works this year, one is Lange’s 31-day power watch Although this model is not the first time, it still looks good after so many years. The other is only the 1815 calendar. Neither of these models is Lange’s flagship this year, and may not even rank in the number two position, but I think the 1815 calendar will be a dark horse this year and become a topic watch. The 1815 calendar has two materials this year, rose gold and platinum. Let’s look at the platinum version first.

   Compared with the rose gold model, I prefer the platinum model, with a lower profile and easier focus on the dial. There is also a reason that I can’t control the rose gold at present, and the platinum is much easier to control. Why is the 1815 calendar a black horse? Because this is the second annual calendar of the 1815 series, the last one was introduced in 2010 with a large calendar display annual calendar watch. The market acceptance of that almanac should not be as high as this, because 1815 is a very traditional series. It uses the birth year of the founder of Lange as the name of the series, in order to pay tribute to the founder. At that time, there were no 5-minute figures. Where’s the bell?

   When this 1815 calendar came out, the industry was still very moved, because I finally saw the 1815 calendar watch with the cancellation of the big calendar. It cannot be said that the almanac of the large calendar is not good. After all, this is a personal preference. Many people like the large calendar but do not want to use a perpetual calendar. Then the annual calendar is a very practical choice. Just from a certain point of view, the pointer-type annual calendar 1815 is easier to be driven.

   Some people objected to the appearance of the almanac, thinking that either a simple weekly calendar or a perpetual calendar was used, but the practicality of the almanac is undeniable. It is more expensive than the weekly calendar, but it has reached the effect of close to the perpetual calendar. And if you want to enter a Lange perpetual calendar, the price is there. So from many perspectives, if you want a full calendar display, but you don’t want to reach a high position like a perpetual calendar, then the almanac is the perfect choice.

   In order to facilitate adjustment, the watch is equipped with three hidden buttons, the wearer can independently adjust the date, month and moon phase. At the same time, this is also the first time in Lange’s calendar models, using hidden buttons to advance the date.

   With such a new annual calendar structure, Lange re-developed the movement. The watch has a built-in L051.3 manual movement with a power reserve of 72 hours. The transparent sapphire crystal back can be used to appreciate the details and beauty of the movement.

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