This year is the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of the Omega Speedmaster. In honor of this classic timepiece, Omega also launched an event to pay tribute to loyal fans of Speedmaster watches.

   As we all know, astronauts, explorers and racers have always favored the Omega Speedmaster series of watches, and those legends have been widely spread. Today, an online community of Omega Speedmaster fans around the world is growing and spreading more stories about Speedmaster watches.
   To pay tribute to these superfans, Omega found some of them and took a set of portrait photos for them. From actors to chefs, from athletes to fashionistas, despite having very different identities and lives, they all have one thing in common: that is the infinite love of Omega Speedmaster watches. They chose to wear their favorite Speedmaster watches to participate in the shooting. For them, Speedmaster watches are not only timepieces often worn on the wrist, but also the loved ones that stay in the heart.
   Many celebrities are loyal fans of Speedmaster watches, such as the famous Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, Italian chef Massimo Bottura, and the famous German DJ Robin · Robin Shultz and others. In addition, there are more people from different countries and industries in different countries have expressed their love for Speedmaster watches.
   All photos taken this time will be carefully presented on the exclusive page of the official website of Omega. You can explore the story behind each photo and feel the tremendous influence of Speedmaster watches. At the same time, everyone can upload similar style photos, and have the opportunity to be selected by Omega and displayed on the official website’s dedicated page.
   Omega will also promote a topical event called #SpeedmasterFans through social media to encourage Super Speed ​​fans from all over the world to participate and share their love for Super Speed ​​watches.
Omega Speedmaster fan exclusive website will be officially opened from April 3
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