Oris has reached a cooperation agreement with the elite anti-terrorism special unit GIGN French Gendarmerie Secret Service. The brand has launched a limited edition large crown pilot altitude measurement watch named Oris GIGN Limited Edition.

   Established in 1974, GIGN is a law enforcement and special operations unit authorized to perform special missions in France and abroad. GIGN has 380 members and is well-trained, playing a huge role in high-risk areas such as counter-terrorism, hostage rescue and combating organized crime. During training and operations, the team members perform 6,000 to 7,000 skydivings each year, and some members even have a rare paratrooper tactical degree.

Oris GIGN Edition Limitée is equipped with a special waterproof case and built-in pressure relief device

GIGN badge printed on the dial at 9 o’clock
   When performing skydiving missions, special forces will be equipped with a high-tech instrument to indicate key data such as altitude to control the time of parachute opening. Although the reliability of these electronic devices is very high, in order to ensure foolproof, the team members still need a piece of mechanical equipment for backup.

Stainless steel back cover engraved with GIGN badge and limited number

Oris GIGN Limited Edition with Waterproof Case and Built-in Pressure Reducing Valve
   At this time, the Oris Grand Crown Pilot’s Altitude Watch entered GIGN’s line of sight. This watch, first created by Oris, combines a barometric altimeter and a mechanical movement. It successfully passed the rigorous tests and became a member of GIGN elite equipment. The GIGN limited edition, which is customized based on the altitude measurement watch, is marked with a distinctive Secret Service badge on the dial and the back.