Rolex’s oyster case has always been synonymous with classics. At the Basel 2017, Rolex launched the classic Oyster Perpetual Women’s Date Steel Watch. At this exhibition, Rolex also launched With a variety of dials for watchers to choose from, the new women’s case introduced this time has been redesigned to 28 mm in diameter, which is more suitable for women’s daily wear (model: m279160-0014).

Timeless-Oyster Perpetual

Rolex Oyster Case Real Shot
   The Oyster case, as a classic Rolex design, refers to the design of the integrated case, the screw-in caseback and the screw-in handle. The reason why this design is called ‘Oyster’ is because the word ‘oyster’ is used in English for this process, which also means ‘oyster, oyster’. Simply put, this structure is different from the welded lugs, the push-in caseback and the plug-in handle, and it also symbolizes that the Rolex Oyster Perpetual is as strong and waterproof as the ‘oyster’. In fact, Rolex used the unquestionable qualities to explain to us what is ‘eternal’ in the passage of time. This design has been used in modern Rolex watches since its inception.
Classic-Rolex Journal

Rolex ‘DATEJUST’ Logging Series Logo

   Whether it is a timeless aesthetic element or a practical function, the Rolex Date is a model of classic watches. From an aesthetic point of view, after the years of baptism, different types of diary watches still retain the original aesthetic elements, and have become one of the most famous and recognizable watches in history.

Yong Yong-Superb Observatory Certification

   Like all Rolex watches, this women’s dated steel model has been awarded the Super Observatory certification that Rolex won in 2015. This unique title proves that the watch has successfully passed a series of tests by Rolex Labs, and its standard exceeds the standard and standard of watchmaking industry. The watch is tested only after it is assembled to ensure that the watch can perform excellently in all aspects such as travel time, power reserve, waterproof performance and automatic winding when worn. The green seal is the symbol of the Super Observatory’s precision watch. Every Rolex watch has this seal and is backed by a global five-year warranty.

Eternal-Type 2236

Rolex 2236 self-winding movement

   The Rolex women’s log-type steel is equipped with a movement type 2236 perpetual movement. This movement incorporates Rolex’s patented syloxi silicon spring, which introduces the superb chronometer performance of women’s watches. At the same time, compared with the traditional hairspring material, syloxi silicon hairspring is not affected by magnetic field, and it is still very stable in the face of temperature changes. The 2236 movement is equipped with an automatic winding assembly. The movement is wound with a constant-motion rudder, and its power reserve is about 55 hours.

Robust-sapphire crystal, small window convex lens

Blue crystal mirror real shot

Sapphire mirror

   This women’s log-type 28 Oyster case is guaranteed to be 100 meters water-resistant, and the mirror is made of sapphire. The material of the sapphire makes the watch difficult to scratch. At 3 o’clock, a date display window is added, and a small window convex lens is added to make it easier to read the date information.

With Oyster Strap

New generation concealed crown buckle

Elegance-Coral Pink Dial

Coral Pink Dial

   The coral pink dial design is not a bold color in Rolex’s previous dial surface color. But it is arguably the most ‘girlish’ dial color. In the use of pink, how to achieve ‘good’ and ‘temperament’, it takes a lot of thought to achieve this. This watch’s coral pink with oyster case is more elegant and temperament.

Summary: The Rolex Date Collection has been around since 1945. It has always been synonymous with elegant style and precise timing. The Rolex Women’s Diary 28 watch, whether viewed from a classic or modern aesthetic perspective, is a rare female watch with a design and performance. It is a continuation and sublimation of the brand’s classic watch diary. The elegant temperament and sturdy quality are condensed in a small case, which is more suitable for women to wear.