Hublot Releases Alinghi 4000m Diving Limited Watch

To commemorate the first voyage of the Alinghi Décision 35, Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver, Chairman of the Hublot Global Board, and Ernesto Bertale, Chairman of the Alinghi Sailing Team At the Geneva Yacht Club (Société Nautique de Genève), Mr. Li unveiled the Hublot Alinghi 4000-meter diving limited watch specially made to pay tribute to the cooperation between the two parties.
Limited edition of 100 King Alinghi 4000m diving watches

合作 The cooperation between Hublot and Alinghi Sailing Team is full of friendship and humanity. This loyal cooperative relationship was established by both parties based on their common passion for the sea and sailing, their love of sports, their unremitting pursuit of superior performance and technological innovation in materials and traditional technologies. Not only that, ‘Made in Switzerland’ and ‘Swiss Colors’ also closely combined the two sides. Ernesto Bertarelli and Jean-Claude Biver share common values ​​in terms of teamwork, unremitting struggle for work, and respect for everything Enjoy consensus.

After the Hublot and Alinghi sailing teams fought side by side in 2009 and 2010 to fully support the Alinghi sailing team in preparation for the 33rd America’s Cup, Hublot continued to cooperate with it in large-scale international challenges. Today, the Swiss watch brand is pleased to announce that it will board two single-handed sailing vessels selected by Alinghi for the 2012 season: Extreme 40 and Décision 35. The former will sail through open waters around the world along the tried and highly refined Extreme 40 international circuit. The first two stages were held in Oman at the end of February and two weeks ago in Qingdao, China. The second sailing ship, the Alinghi Décision 35, was launched on Lake Geneva and set sail from Geneva at the Grand Prix Les Ambassadeurs from May 4th to 6th.
The body is entirely made of carbon fiber, which is very similar to the material used in sailboat manufacturing.

To mark this important moment, Mr. Ernesto Bertarelli and Mr. Jean-Claude Beaver decided to jointly issue this limited edition at the Geneva Yacht Club (Société Nautique de Genève) on May 4th. 100 pieces of King Alinghi 4000m diving watch unveiled. This is a super-tech watch that can withstand the challenges of any marine environment. Its technological achievements are amazing: the body is entirely made of carbon fiber, which is very similar to the material used in sailboat manufacturing. Swiss-made technology pushes this process technology to its limits-enabling it to withstand extreme pressures from 4,000 meters in the deep sea. It took more than 18 months of research and testing to present this unique watch.
Hublot global board chairman Jean-Claude Beaver and Eringo Bertarelli, chairman of the Alinghi sailing team, attended the press conference

Ernesto Bertarelli, Chairman of the Alinghi Sailing Team, said: ‘We are very happy that Hublot has partnered with the Alinghi Sailing Team again and we are very honored to be a partner with this brand. Hublot The watch has always been dedicated to showcasing the unparalleled value and style of ‘Made in Switzerland’ worldwide. ‘
Jean-Claude Beaver and Chairman of the Alinghi Sailing Team Ernesto Bertarelli

For a long time, Hublot has a very close relationship with navigation and oceans, not only because of its long-established brand, but also because of its relationship with Yacht Club Monaco, Monaco Oceanographic Museum and its academy, Royal Palma. The Yacht Club and the Real Club Nautico de Palma with the Copa Del Rey have a prestigious partnership.
Support for the Alinghi sailing team is the best choice for Hublot

Support for the Alinghi sailing team is the only choice for Hublot. Hublot is delighted to see the imminent grand event being held in the world’s major waters and on Lake Geneva, Switzerland. Jean-Claude Beaver, chairman of Hublot’s global board of directors, is very happy: “Hublot hopes that this partnership will demonstrate its commitment to Swiss values ​​and Swiss technology. The basic values ​​of ‘Made in Switzerland’ are the same It is the priority of the entire watch industry. I am honored that Hublot can be the main sponsor of this wonderful event. I believe we will win the championship again, and I am very honored that Hublot can do its utmost. . ‘

2012 schedule-Limit 40 (all over the world)
Stage 1: Muscat, Oman-February 28th to March 2nd
Stage 2: Qingdao, China-April 17th and 20th
Third stage: Istanbul, Turkey-June 10th
Stage 4: Porto, Portugal-July 5-8
Stage 5: Cardiff, UK-August 30 to September 2
Stage 6: Trapani, Italy-September 13-16
Stage 7: Nice, France-October 18-21
Stage 8: Rio, Brazil-November 29-December 2

2012 schedule-Décision 35 (Switzerland-Lake Geneva)
Stage 1: Société Nautique de Genève, Grand Prix Les Ambassadeurs-May 4-6
Stage 2: Crans-près-Céligny-May 26-27
Stage 3: Grand Prix Versoix-June 8-10
Stage 4: Geneva-Rolle-Geneva-June 9
Stage 5: Geneva Lake Yacht Club (Société Nautique de Genève, Bol d’ Or)-June 16-17
Stage 6: Grand Prix Tour Carrée-August 25-26 (TBD)
Stage 7: Grand Prix Nyon-September 8-9
Stage 8: The Grand Prix Cliqueture Société Nautique de Genève
-September 21 to 23

Tag Heuer, If The Heart Is Connected, Every Second Is Eternal

Whether it is vigorous or quiet and elegant, everyone aspires to harvest their own love. TAG Heuer watch inherits the precision quality of 152 years. In 2012, it launched the men’s and women’s pair watch with its classic Carrera series to express its unique love. This pair of watches inherits the simplicity, elegance and legibility of Carrera 1887. While retaining the first Carrera design of 1964, it infused with modern elements, which is a new model of chronograph. Carrera 1887 chronograph calella rose gold ladies watch
Men’s watches are fully mature in rose gold or steel with a black leather strap. The open dial presents a clear field of vision, and every minute of the rhythm carries every heartbeat moment. Women’s watches are exquisitely compact against the background of rose gold, without too much flamboyant shine, simple and exquisite embellishments, making love last forever. As far as appearance is concerned, Calera couple watches have their own advantages, but they all show a strong TAG Heuer sports style, as if the time of love is freed from the external constraints. The watch is equipped with the brand’s self-developed 1887 movement, which enables the start-up time of the chronograph to not exceed 2/1000 seconds and a power reserve of up to 50 hours. This swing gear is also one of TAG Heuer’s first patents and a milestone in the field of modern watchmaking.

Fragile And Elegant Raymond Weil Freelancer Sunshine Watch

In 2012, Raymond Weil added another moving note to the colorful movement: the Freelancer’s LadySunshine watch, a watch that combines tenderness, elegance and chic elements. This new work of the Free Knight Series will once again show the perfect combination of its noble creation and extreme femininity.

‘Freelancer’ is more than just a simple name. This collection demonstrates the spirit of independence as the brand continues to grow while staying true to its values. The name also evokes the artist’s freedom and unrestrainedness when facing blank canvases, uncut granite or blank sheet music. Just like painters, sculptors, and composers, this Swiss watchmaker with the same passion, creativity, and rigorous attitude, combines various components to create its most feminine latest masterpiece, the Freedom Knight Sunshine.

A truly dazzling light … the name of the Liberty Knight’s Sunshine is just right: the middle of the dial is decorated with carved patterns against the white mother-of-pearl; on the outer edge of the dial, the rose gold hour markers are covered with eye-catching diamonds, just like the dazzling sunlight: The hour, minute and second hands, as well as the visible balance wheel and the ruby ​​ring inside, all bear the pink color of the setting sun; finally, the delicately set diamonds on the bezel also exude an eternal light. They represent the supreme glory of the 29 mm case, which houses the automatic movement of the watch. The movement vibrates at 28,800 times per hour and can be seen through the cutout between the 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions of the dial or the sapphire crystal case back on the case back. The exquisite effect of the alternating polished and sanded surface of the steel bracelet reflects the exquisite craftsmanship of the watchmaker and the attention to detail.
Our focus on tiny details, especially the rose gold decorative dial, is not just limited to the Liberty Sunshine. This year, since
The Knights Collection will look at life with optimism, and the Sunshine Watches will be her perfect partner: a 42 mm delicate, elegant men’s watch. Liberty Knight is a beautiful and exquisite masterpiece with bright sunshine.

Breakwater On The Dial Appreciation Of Blancpain Wave Watch

Almost every top watchmaking brand has its own independent and distinctive art workshop. These timepieces specially created by the art workshop are often defined as the ingenuity of Métier D’Art. Category works. When each watch factory started a fierce competition in the field of high-level complexity, Blancpain, an advanced watch factory in Brass, Switzerland, quietly rose in the field of arts and crafts watches, constantly searching for and selecting unique materials and craftsmanship. Bring new inspiration to timepiece art like never before. In 2016, Blancpain’s ‘Master of Art’ series watches ushered in a new work, using Mexican silver ochre as the surface part of the dial material, adding a variety of processes, bringing unprecedented visual shock to the dial.

   On the dial, the waves carved in white gold tumble with patina, and the exterior sculptures are inspired by the woodblock print ‘Grand Wave de Kanagawa’ created by Japanese artist Hokusai. Under the skillful treatment of Blancpain’s ‘Metal Carving’ master, the surging power and dynamic beauty of the waves are in sharp contrast with the purity and harmony represented by gray ocher.

   When making the dial, the engraved parts are first fixed on the red copper base material, and then immersed in the east 瀛 rokushō patina to create a unique green-grey color. At the same time, part of the spray is polished to enhance the texture of the giant waves when the frame is stopped. Finally, the entire piece is inlaid and fixed on the Mexican silver vermiculite.

   The watch’s power reserve display is located on the bridge of the watch, leaving enough space to appreciate the delicate carvings. The movement is equipped with three main barrels connected in series, which in turn realize the function of winding or releasing power, thereby achieving a long power reserve of 8 days.

Summary: In recent years, Blancpain Métier D’Art has presented us with many outstanding works of art. In addition to showing the essence of brand culture and the artistic charm of watches, these works also have a very important meaning, which is to present those high-level but fresh Known craftsmanship.
   For more news about Baselworld 2016, please lock the watch home Baselworld :.

History Of The Imprint Of Geneva-part 2: Patek Philippe Became Savior (1918-1990)

As mentioned in the previous article, in the first few decades of its establishment, the ‘Official Service for Voluntary Inspection of Watches and Clocks in Geneva’ faced (mainly) only a few independent watchmakers and non-industrial watchmakers. The dealer submitted a dilemma for checking clocks. In this article, the time has come to the twentieth century. A company called Patek Philippe ensures the survival of the Geneva Seal.

Difficulties during World War II

   The shift from pocket watches to watches and the cartelization of the Swiss watchmaking industry has had a significant impact on watchmaking in Geneva. Many small local manufacturers in Geneva, after submitting the movement for imprint, resell it to full watch manufacturers in other parts of Switzerland (mainly Bill and La Chaux-de-Fonds).

   However, this practice was gradually banned in the 1920s, after which watch assemblers had to obtain supplies from EbauchesSA. Therefore, with the exception of a few manufacturers, such as Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin, the local watch movement production system began to collapse. In this case, the number of applicants who want to get the Geneva Seal has fallen sharply.

   It should also be noted that the Service Board’s management committee pursues a tough policy on the definition of ‘Geneva clock’. For example, in May 1921, the management board rejected the LePetitLancy blank movement factory application on the grounds that although these movements were indeed made in the Canton of Geneva, they did not meet the requirements for certain types of gears.

Patek Philippe Ref. 1518 stainless steel watch

Patek Philippe’s life-saving role

   In the 1930s, Patek Philippe became the main and even sole client of the Inspection Service, so much so that the latter became almost a private entity of the former. The percentage of watches submitted by the company increased from less than 5% before 1924 to 30.8% in 1925, 34.1% in 1930, 48% in 1932, and more than 80% after 1934, and from 1940 to 1945 The annual even reached 98.2%. In fact, Patek Philippe was one of the few manufacturers in Geneva at the time. Not only could it be developed from the main movement, but also it could meet the technical requirements of the inspection service.

   Vacheron Constantin, another major manufacturer, contributed little to the work of the inspection service. During the two world wars (1932, 1937 and 1939), Vacheron Constantin submitted only three watches in total, which annoyed the management committee, which was eager to expand its partner base and work with the two major manufacturers in Geneva Cooperation. In October 1924, the Committee expressed concerns about Vacheron Constantin’s lack of interest: ‘We fully understand that Vacheron Constantin does not need to check, it is enough to rely on its own reputation, but for the benefit of the watchmaking industry in Geneva, they should make sacrifices.’ The company’s board of directors ‘convinced them to make an’ Estate ‘effort’, but eventually returned without success.

After the Second World War


   The state of the industry did not change fundamentally from 1945 to 1990, and very few companies were able to meet and wish to adhere to the Geneva Seal selection criteria. Patek Philippe movement became the agency’s main partner (the proportion of watches submitted for inspection from 1950 to 1990 accounted for 67.3%). When Vacheron Constantin withdrew, Patek Philippe became the sole contributor. In 1990, Patek Philippe was the only company that cooperated with the agency, and the number of watches submitted for inspection accounted for 98.6%.

   The cooperation between Patek Philippe and the Seal of Geneva went through three main stages. Initially, the number of watches submitted for inspection increased significantly from 1950 to 1970, suggesting that the business had grown and the Geneva mark became a selling point. In the mid-1960s, Patek Philippe launched an advertising campaign, claiming to be the only watchmaker to submit all movements to the service department for inspection, so it deserves the name of the world’s best watchmaker.

   Then, from 1972 to 1986, the number of movements certified by the Geneva Mark fell sharply due to the quartz crisis and the growth of the electronics industry. During this period, Patek Philippe also began to assemble quartz movements for some models. The number of watches with the Geneva mark suddenly dropped, and then stagnated.

   Finally, the late 1980s witnessed the triumphant return of mechanical watches, and became the glorious starting point for the next few decades. Although quartz movements are still used, they are mainly used for ladies’ watches. Mechanical watches are becoming more and more popular. Patek Philippe has also strengthened its cooperation with the inspection service.

   Back in the mid-1950s, Patek Philippe’s old rival Vacheron Constantin joined in. Until the mid-1980s, Vacheron Constantin submitted about one-third of the watches for 30 years. However, in the 1980s, Vacheron Constantin encountered financial and production difficulties, forcing it to once give up its manufacturer status and order the movement from outside Geneva (especially ETA). (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)
History of the Imprint of Geneva-Part 1: Few Respondents (1886-1918)
History of the Imprint of Geneva-Part III: The Road to Revival (1990 and beyond)

Charming New Timepiece For Sportsman’s Diary: Radar High-tech Ceramic Watch Yunwen Yunwudu Type

Welcome to the midsummer, put on a new look for yourself and show your new charm! Whether it’s the Yayi fitted cotton and linen suit that always catches the eye at work, or the sportswear that is enough to let you show off your skills and superb ball skills on the court during the vacation; (RADO) High-tech ceramic series watches add points to your wonderful life anytime, anywhere. From the dynamic HyperChrome series to the chic and comfortable DiaMaster high-tech ceramic series and the elegant Sven Coupole Classic automatic series watches, different design styles make you unique.
Rado Star High-Tech Ceramic Touch Dual Time Zone Watch

   The HyperChrome series has always been the most dynamic wrist watch in all series of radar watches. A chronograph in 2012 won the design award of the United States Good Design Award. This high-tech ceramic automatic chronograph watch is unique and unique. The three hour, minute and second chronograph small dials on the silver-gray dial provide both the timekeeping and aesthetic design of the entire watch. The one-piece ceramic watch uses an exclusive patented plasma processing technology, which does not contain a bit of metal, but exudes a mysterious metallic luster, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and is brave to be different. This is the iconic taste of ICON. The black dial with rose gold hands is another great choice.
   Another newly launched Hao Xing series touch-sensitive UTC dual time zone watch (Dual Timer), in addition to the trendy design without the crown is equipped with modern technology and easy-to-use functions, this dual-time zone touch watch has a radar watch As always, the outstanding appearance, whether it is a low-key luxury model decorated with rose gold dial, or a stylish and elegant belt model, are the perfect match when traveling! The lightweight, low-sensitivity high-tech ceramics not only make the entire watch more comfortable to the wrist, even when passing the security check, you don’t need to take it off. It is a famous symbol to accompany you anywhere in the world time zone. Actually the best timepiece for a sportsman’s flight diary.
Radar meter DiaMaster series plasma high-tech ceramic hollow limited automatic watch

   Since its launch, DiaMaster has given this series of watches refined, elegant, simple and timeless features. In particular, ‘plasma high-tech ceramics’ has been included in the popular vocabulary of this series. 20 watches in the entire series have adopted this breakthrough Material. For watch fans who love the limited edition, the radar watch has a special hollow model before and after the launch (limited to 499 in the world). The wearer can clearly see the movement of the movement through the sapphire crystal surface and the back case. The small complexity adds another topicality to this watch! The special five-section chain strap unique to this series of watches is made of high-tech ceramics, which makes the watch more fit to the wrist, and cleverly sets off the true nature and innerness of the gentleman.
Coupole automatic watch

   An elegant Swan LOOK radar watch Coupole series can best show the serious side of men. Coupole series is the introduction of radar watch and high CP value of the series models, open white round dial perfectly set off rose gold hands The dial is covered with a curved sapphire crystal, and the three-row two-tone gold chain strap perfectly presents charming elegance. Another dark brown leather strap with a black surface gives you a unique low-key elegance. Style. This series of automatic watches are equipped with ETA automatic movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours.
   The well-known Swiss watch brand Radar has always been known for its high-tech ceramics. Ninety percent of the watches are made of ceramic materials. Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, lightweight and anti-allergic are synonymous with the brand. new. To meet the new summer season, wearing a brand new high-tech ceramic watch will also add endless charm to your sportswear!

Glancing The Mirror So Far Those Watches That ‘do Not Work’ Are Absolutely Extinct!

In what way is time presented in everyone’s consciousness? Is it an ancient sundial, a pendulum on the square, or a star-studded movement, or a cloud of clouds? Is it the sparse shadows in the moonlight, the clear water, or the casual chess pieces in the candlelight? Is it the shadow of a person who is so dazzling and lonely, or is it becoming increasingly pale? When you try to touch the invisible time, you will find that reality is so cold and time is so ruthless, but when you think about what you have experienced, felt, and harvested in endless time, you will find time again In fact, left a precious wealth. We don’t need time to stand alone in that place, but more precipitation to highlight the greatness and wisdom of time.

Jacques de Lo launched the gold-carved koi hour needles. Such a quiet and beautiful picture is really intoxicating.

  If in your impression, the watch is only a time display tool, it is too OUT, just like the mobile phone is no longer a communication tool for calling and texting, but gradually evolved into a smart product. Now that Apple has launched an AppleWatch that carries all the functions, presumably everyone has always seen value-added and high technology. However, this does not affect the solid position of traditional watches. While the traditional watchmaking industry displays timepieces, it incorporates more genius creativity of watchmakers and more ingenious designs. Even if Apple is at a new high, traditional watchmaking Still stealing the shot! Now, let’s follow the editor’s introduction and look at a few “worse business” watches.


  Jacques Dro has always been impressive in the image of a tit, but what I can hardly forget at this Basel watch exhibition is another beautiful watch. A vivid butterfly on the dial flew by, bringing the breath of spring and warm greetings, bringing a sea of ​​flowers, imagine with eyes closed, the scene of blooming flowers is simply beautiful and intoxicating … If you look closely, you can see that the figure, pattern, and tentacles of the butterfly are all vividly portrayed. The hour, minute, and small seconds dial is located above the dial. The hands of the dots rotate in the sea of ​​flowers, and time seems to stagnate.

  The beauty of the details on the dial highlights Jacques Dro’s in-depth knowledge of champlevé technology, as well as the brand’s flexible mastery of natural beauty. Finally, the focus of this watch is that this is not just a watch. The ButterflyJourney watch has eight pieces. Although the eight scenes depict the scene of the butterfly flying in the sea of ​​flowers, they are different. The charm is like a romantic ‘Spring Story’.

  Surprisingly in fashion

  Chanel, LV, Hermès and other fashion brands in the circle have always been avant-garde, personality, fashion, in the clothing, leather bags, perfume, cosmetics and other industries occupy an unshakable position, but when it comes to watches and clocks. Many people may think that watches and clocks are just accessories for these brands, and there is only one more product line to promote. There will not be too many trends and ideas, but the fact is that people have to be convinced by these brands.

  In this year’s Basel watch exhibition, Hermès’ new Slimeʼ Hermès KomaKurabe watch has entered my field of vision because this dreamlike Japanese classic style is too charming. I don’t know how many readers have been to Japan. Although Japan has an indelible ‘history’ in the hearts of the Chinese, its folk culture, technology and technology are still indelible. The SlimdʼHermès KomaKurabe watch presents the ‘KomaKurabe’ ancient horse racing event in Japan. It adopts the traditional Japanese ‘red painting and fine drawing’ art, and uses micro-painting techniques to delineate multiple levels of red. Hands.

  If it is Jacques de Loire’s interpretation of enamel technology and Piaget’s interpretation of micro-painting, it may not be so attractive, but as a brand that is not exclusively a watch, it can actually interpret the beauty of the craftsmanship of this watch To the extent that people really love it. And this small red painting, in the outline of a stroke by stroke, the picture then comes to life.

  Shocking Treasury

  Although Apple’s AppleWatch has satisfied the eyes of fruit fans to some extent, when you face the traditional watch industry, you will find another state of surprise. They are not unable to make smart watches, as long as they are willing, they will invent more amazing products. This DiagonoMagnesium concept watch from Bulgari, the world’s first unique design concept is completely opposite the current so-called smart connected watch.

  From a professional perspective, this watch is equipped with an encryption chip and a stealth antenna. It uses NFC (near field communication) technology to transfer the watch’s digital certificate to the mobile phone. The mobile phone needs to download and install the Bulgari ‘treasury’ application. (Applicable to both iOS and Android systems), all design and operation are performed in a top-secret state, and only the owner of the watch can access the private information recorded here. The application of NFC technology makes the design of this Bulgari concept watch not only a timing tool, but also a technology product.

  From this we can peep into the vast space for the future development of watchmaking, which can cause infinite imagination. The possibilities derived from this concept give unlimited value to Bulgari users. The birth of this watch further confirms the infinite imagination of human beings. It is believed that in the near future, users can unlock the access control, open the door, activate the smart home alarm system or make secure payment through the watch key. Technology will give the watch more Big energy.

  Pleasant visual enjoyment

  If the simple mechanism of back penetration and peeping is not enough to satisfy, this Girard-Perregaux three-gold bridge tourbillon three-question watch will surely satisfy watch fans’ desire to play. Many people think that the previous GP’s Sanjinqiao Tourbillon is a masterpiece, then this watch is definitely a work of art and meets the standards of advanced watchmaking.

  Whether viewed from the front or the back, this watch can give people excellent visual enjoyment. Seen from the front, almost all the internal structures can be seen through the table mirror. Most of the components that make the Sanjinqiao tourbillon device and make the three-question device sound crisp and pleasant are mounted on the front, fully revealing the beautiful structure of the three-question device; extremely The complex three-question device can produce clear and pleasing notes with each hit, and make the wearer full of eyes while enjoying the pleasant sound. All the parts and structures of the three-question device, the hammer, the gong, and the tourbillon can be seen. From the back, the movement is exposed at the bottom case, highlighting the brand’s time-honored watchmaking skills.

  Girard Perregaux’s Miracle Box series of New World watches is of course also a surprising work at this exhibition, which gives the outline and appearance of the New World to the dial between sizes.

  Worth collecting:

  The application of heavy metals often makes the value of watches soar, and it is also valued by people. Red copper is a rare material on watches. It is native to Japan and is an alloy mainly composed of copper and gold. Depending on its composition and texture, the alloy exhibits a dark green luster between blue and black. Blancpain’s bold attempt this time has brought this material to a new point of fusion with gold-inlaid painting techniques and watches. The image of the ganesha, also conveys the brand’s respect for this spirit to those who believe in religion.

  When such a watch appears in the sight of watch fans, many people’s first impression is not to look at time, but to explore such portraits, how to present such patterns? The exquisiteness of the Ganesha shows the designer’s carving and rokushō coloring style. The golden throne is hand-carved. The texture is natural and delicate, and the subtlety shows the power. Such watches have already crossed the realm of timekeeping and are worthy of collectors’ cherishment and collection.

Summary: Aesthetics is a very abstract concept. No one can define the meaning of beauty, but when there is something beautiful, people will yearn for it. Sometimes, the same design cannot win everyone’s attention, and the bold and innovative personality is actually eye-catching. A clock is a very small object. The more subtle things, the harder it is to reflect creativity in changes and breakthroughs. For many years, watch brands have to make huge changes, adjustments and innovations in such small sizes as clocks. A challenge of wisdom, endurance and technology. The reason why these watches are so attractive is not to underestimate the brand’s courage and creativity. If innovation is a kind of ‘doing no business,’ then we hope that more ideas will come back. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Casio Sheen Large Dial Series Female Watch

The calm, elegant and opinionated new age women should be passionate about the continuous pursuit of quality of life and believe in economic independence in life. Just like the Casio SHEEN created for urban women, elegance and wisdom exude intellectual beauty, shining charm from the heart, making you a ‘big’ woman mentally.

The SHE-3023 series personalized large dial design launched this time is very eye-catching, showing a distinct personality and confident temperament, showing the pride of the big woman in elegance. The bezel and 12 hour-point scales are decorated with crystal clear Swarovski crystals, which emit a dazzling light that cannot be ignored, making the entire dial shining. The strap is made of special resin, which is scratch-resistant, fade-proof, shock-proof and abrasion-resistant. This material with high medical safety is particularly suitable for sensitive skin. It is difficult to fade and age even after spraying perfume or UV light. Water-resistant everyday life, small dial with date and day display, reflecting its excellent functionality.

All black watches are embellished with mysterious and romantic purple Swarovski crystals, breaking the dull monotony but elegant and restrained with a little playfulness and more affinity. Suitable for elegant and low-key senior women who pay attention to details.
The large red model with refreshing and transparent white Swarovski crystals is enthusiastic and energetic, with a flamboyant personality but not exaggerated, full of positive energy. Suitable for middle-aged and big women who have the courage to challenge the passion for life.

The pure white watch is set with quiet and quiet yellow Swarovski crystals. It is fresh and fashionable but lovely, starlight and moonlight. Suitable for junior big women who have goals and dreams and are active, strong and not discouraged.

It Is Worth Playing Tudor ‘little Ditona’

After the beginning of spring, everyone’s heart started to feel active, and they wanted to buy and buy. Some time ago, a friend bought only Tudor 79350. This watch belongs to Tudor’s most popular ‘premium’ model. It is retro in style, but it is very easy to take, very photogenic, and many friends like it. But at the same price, in fact, there are many choices, from Rolex Airbus, IWC pilots, Omega Speedmasters, to a little bit more money to go to Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysical Master, so this friend also struggled for a long time when choosing, and finally chose The Tudor 79350 was a ‘little Daytona’ because Daytona was too expensive. Just as the Basel watch exhibition also ended, Tudor launched a new Biwan chronograph, simply take it together.

Left: Tudor 79350 watch Right: Rolex Daytona 116520

   Tudor 79350 was launched in 2017, and it has been on the market (the second half of 2017). It has actually been less than two years. It is also considered to be a ‘new watch’, and it should not have a replacement model in recent years, so this watch will Has long been a popular chronograph for Tudor. Prior to this, Tudor’s chronographs were mainly the Rider Series chronographs and the Kai Cheng series chronographs (the representative model is Blue Cat) in cooperation with Ducati. The public price of the Rider Series chronographs was 39,900 yuan. The public price of the series of chronographs is 42300 yuan. Although the Tudor Xunqi series has a high value and is very cool, but the movement is ETA 7753. Regardless of the performance, in the same price chronograph, I always feel that the grade is a bit worse, and the Kai Cheng series chronograph is also 2892 The core is loaded with Dubois-Depraz timing module, and it is not an integrated timing movement. Since 2015, Tudor introduced the self-made three-pin movement MT5621, at that time everyone suspected that Tudor launched its own chronograph movement, and sure enough, two years later, Tudor released the MT5813 automatic chronograph movement in cooperation with Breitling. , And launched the 79350 chronograph, its public price of 41600 yuan, than the price of the Kai Cheng chronograph equipped with 2892 movement is even cheaper, very conscience.

   At the same time, with the upgrade of the Qicheng Biwan series, the stainless steel bezel replaced the previous anodized aluminum bezel. The aluminum bezel is relatively soft and is prone to scratches. After a long time, there will be slight discoloration, and the stainless steel bezel can alleviate these effects. From an aesthetic point of view, the stainless steel bezel is full of manliness. Compared with Qicheng Biwan with red, blue, or black circles, the harsh industrial style enhances the feeling of tough guys, so when Tudor chose Beckham as the brand spokesperson, When wearing this watch, advertising campaigns are enough to captivate sentient beings.

Tudor 79350 is also beautiful with fabric straps

   Tudor 79350 is called ‘Little Daytona’ because it looks like its big brother Daytona. When Daytona had not yet made the ceramic ring, the bezel was stainless steel, the timing button had a lock, and the speed measurement word distribution and style on the bezel were very similar. The difference was that Tudor was a binocular-type sub-dial. Daytona is a three-eye sub dial. But compared to Daytona, Tudor 79350 has a big advantage is that it has a calendar. Daytona does not have a calendar. For people who are more busy with their daily work, the calendar is very practical and necessary, because they may want to Schedule, sometimes you can’t remember the specific date at one and a half minutes, it is very convenient to look at the watch.

   The reason why 79350 is more popular is because it is equipped with MT5813 automatic winding movement, this movement has been described in a very detailed article in the previous article, not to repeat it here, just briefly introduce. This movement is a product of Tudor and Breitling technology cooperation. Its blueprint is Breitling’s very mature B01 movement. This movement is widely used in Breitling’s chronograph, and its development team is from Rolex, but This background is actually not very important for the movement, as long as it knows that its main body is the B01 movement. Tudor made some changes to this movement. The automatic top was replaced with the style of Tudor’s home-made movement, and the balance spring was replaced by a non-carded silicon balance spring and the Tudor screw fine-tuned balance. The overall polishing is not as fine as B01. After all, the price needs to be controlled. The Breitling B01 movement watch is 10,000 yuan more expensive than Tudor, which is expensive.
   So at the same price, there are several options, namely the IWC 69380 movement watch, the Tag Heuer Caliber 01 movement watch and the Omega 1861 movement watch.

IWC pilot IW387903

   There are many IWC chronographs, but they are broadly divided into two types, one is an entry-level chronograph mainly based on outsourced movements, and the other is a self-made chronograph. The prices of these two are very different. In recent years, IWC Rapid development, coupled with the brand’s strong research and development capabilities, the outsourced movement is a bit degraded, so IWC introduced an independently developed entry-level chronograph movement 69380, a large number of assembly in the pilot series chronograph is still 6/9 / The 12 o’clock three-eye layout, plus the 3 o’clock dual calendar display, is similar to the previous 79320 movement. The more distinguishable point is that the small second hand of the 69380 movement is at 6 o’clock, and the small second hand of the 79320 movement is 9 At the o’clock position, the small seconds of the two movements and the 12-hour cumulative chronograph position are exactly opposite. The steel pilot watch equipped with IWC 69380 movement has a public price of 45,100, which is less than 4,000 more than Tudor 79350. The actual purchase price is similar. Personally, IWC pilots are better in brand and value, and In terms of movement, Tudor can reach 70 hours of dynamic storage, and better configuration, slightly better in practicality.

   TAG Heuer and Tudor belong to the same level. Aside from the natural aura of the Rolex Group, TAG Heuer is a bit higher. After all, the research and development of self-production capacity and high-end models takes longer than Tudor and the results are more significant. TAG Heuer’s representative self-made chronograph movement is Caliber 01, which is the former Caliber 1887. Caliber 01 belongs to the higher style 1887. It is not different in structure and performance itself, but it is more modern and technological. , Richer in the racing style of Tag Heuer. The Tag Heuer Carrera chronograph equipped with Caliber 01 movement has a public price of 39,900, which is more than 1,000 yuan cheaper than Tudor, and the prices are comparable. In terms of brand and value, Tudor 79350 and Tag Heuer Carrera belong to two styles, each with its own advantages, like the locomotive style, the avant-garde can choose Carrera, the mature and tough guy style can choose Tudor, but just In terms of trends, Tudor is obviously more durable and not easily out of date. As far as the movement is concerned, both of them are column-wheel structures. The aesthetics of TAG Heuer is better. The timing operation feels that both are comfortable and the difference is limited. However, I personally think that Tag Heuer is still the Carrera heritage series of the 1887 movement, and the public price is less than 35,000.

   Omega Speedmaster should not be put together with Tudor Kaicheng Biwan, because it is not on a level in terms of brand, series history and popularity. The only similarity is the price, so it is only a gossip. . The most classic of the Omega Speedmaster is of course a manual-winding chronograph, with a public price of about 44,000, and Omega also has an automatic winding Speedmaster chronograph, equipped with a 3330 movement, which costs more than 30,000, but in addition to the brand, I think I will choose the Tudor 79350 for comparison in all aspects, but the 1861 superpower is different. The main focus of the 1861 movement’s superpower is the super high value, half a century of historical heritage, the background of the moon landing, and the feelings of manual machinery. It is an ideal choice for lovers of mechanical chronograph watches. Tudor 79350 only Takes advantage in usability.

   During the Basel Show this year, TUDOR’s Biwan Chronograph has been updated and launched a gold steel watch, model M79363N. There are three choices of gold steel bracelet, fabric strap and brown antique discount belt. The public price of the strap model is 724700 yen (about 44,000 yuan) and 596500 yen (about 37,000 yuan), but due to the tax rate problem, the domestic price is definitely much higher than this converted price, after all, the steel model The domestic public price has reached 41,600 yuan. Compared with the previous model, the new model has an additional gold design and changed the dial color. The bezel has also been replaced with anodized aluminum.
   At this point, some people will definitely say that this comparison is unfair, and the brand is higher than Tudor, but to be honest, among brands lower than Tudor or the same level, there really does not seem to be any rival. Tudor has actually upgraded significantly in these years. Already. Tudor 79350 and Rolex Daytona are very similar in positioning. It is a very balanced watch. The craftsmanship, brand, performance, playability, practicality, etc. cannot be said to be the best in this price range, but not partial. With 85 points for each subject, the overall score is ideal.

World Advanced Product Club Breitling 2013 New Appreciation Meeting

In 2003, Breitling launched the ‘Breitling for Bentley’ (Breitling for Bentley), and now it has entered the 10-year mileage cup. For those who love watches and understand the car may not be the latest topic; but recently The superstar David Beckham officially became the spokesperson for the global image of the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’. Swiss watchmaking, British top-level car manufacturing technology and Beckham’s perfect British male style, a strong golden triangle combination, of course, once again occupy the media. , Set off a new wave of craze. With this trend, ‘World Premium CLUB’ co-hosted ‘BREITLING Breitling 2013 New Product VIP Appreciation’ in cooperation with Breitling, focusing on the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’ and other classic series of the brand, such as Chronomat, Navitimer, and Avenger. The works are presented directly in front of 20 VIP guests, leading the guests to know Breitling’s latest works, so that VIPs can better find their own golden combination of good cars and watches.

 Are the two brands that use the ‘B’ as a sign of wings spreading their wings? !!

 The collaboration between Breitling and Bentley can be traced back to 2002. For the first time, Bentley made the watchmaker take on the responsibility of designing the Continental GT sports car technical instruments and building the clock on the dashboard, injecting Breitling style into this extraordinary luxury sports car. Cooperation between the two top brands has begun.

 At the beginning of the ‘BREITLING 2013 New Product VIP Appreciation Fair’, ‘World Premium Club’ chose to use the brand’s flying theme as a short film to break the ice for this appreciation fair! Breitling is the only watch brand with a jet fleet. Naturally, it is necessary to show this pride to watch fans from time to time. The short film shows the brand’s love for flying, investment in aviation timepieces, and conquer the scene with humor. VIP. After watching the short film, we will lead the guests on the scene into the brand history of Breitling. Although Breitling is one of the few independent watch manufacturers that does not belong to any major group, the brand’s many achievements in the watch industry are not to be underestimated.觑 For example, the design and appearance of the two independent chronograph buttons on modern chronographs are laid by Breitling, 100% Swiss, and it is one of the earliest brands that proposed 100% of all watches to be certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC). The number of certified watch models announced by the Observatory is beyond the reach of other brands. With its charm and strength, Breitling is able to stand out from many top watch brands and attract the synonymous with luxury car art-Bentley’s cooperation with it is completely unsurprising, it is just a matter of course!

 Our editor-in-chief, Xiao Zhongjun, even personally showed up at the appreciation party and shared the short stories of himself and Breitling with the guests on the spot. He said: ‘In fact, I have been wearing Breitling for more than ten years. Although I also have other brands of watches, I often choose Breitling watches when I want to go out. I wonder why I often choose Breitling. It’s very important. ‘Quality.’ He mentioned that during a visit to a watch factory in Switzerland, this watch factory made watch bands for many top brands. Breitling is also one of them. In addition to good quality, CP value is even more One of the great advantages of Breitling watches is that insisting on the small and beautiful Breitling does not spend a large budget on publicity, but also reflects on the price. He said: ‘Breitling has always been trusted in quality and quality control. Whether it’s going to the mountains or going to the sea or wearing a suit, Breitling’s design really has a unique aspect!’ After the experience, of course, the VIPs at the scene certainly wanted to appreciate the new watch works brought by Breitling, and the event also entered a real climax-the appreciation began!

 Beckham officially became the spokesperson for the global image of the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’. This series has once again raised the topic. After all, who doesn’t want to be a Beckham-like British man? . This image advertisement was chosen to be shot in the California desert, showing the British tough style.

 If you go to the Breitling official YouTube channel, you will find that most of the brand’s videos have one thing in common-flying. At the beginning of this appreciation session, several wonderful videos of the brand will be displayed as a warming place, leading the VIPs to ‘fly’ into the world of Breitling.

 The most interesting video of the day was the ‘Too Late Baby’, please press the play button yourself (quite humorous, be sure to see the end)!

 Brand personnel explained the Breitling history to the on-site VIPs, setting many first and only proud records, so that the on-site VIPs have a deeper understanding of Breitling!

 In addition to the focus of this appreciation ‘Breitling Bentley Series’, there are also classic series such as Chronomat, Navitimer, Avenger, and limited edition models, as many as dozens of new watches, the super lineup is for VIPs Seeing nothing!

 Due to the rich variety of watches at this appreciation party, the editor selects a Bentley GMT special edition diamond watch from the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’ to introduce to you.

 The ‘Breitling Bentley Series’ Bentley GMT Chronograph is an original model launched by Breitling in 2008. The design of the world time zone cleverly displays the required second time zone. An independent red hour hand, with a hollow triangular tip, starts with 24. The hour is displayed once. Just turn the rotating bezel engraved with 24 cities, and place the required time zone on the place of the red pointer. Global time can be seen at a glance! This model also has the technical specifications of the 30-second timekeeping function, which means that the central hand can run around the dial for half a minute instead of the usual 60 seconds. The purpose is to make the second reading accurate to 1/8 second.

 The Bentley GMT special edition diamond watch from the Centennial Bentley series is definitely one of the most eye-catching watches. The bezel is set with 60 diamonds and is dazzling. Like the Bentley GMT series watches, it has convenient world time zone functions, and its decoration and practicality made this watch attracted much attention at the appreciation; however, according to the brand, this Breitling Bentley GMT special edition diamond watch will be It will be exhibited in Taiwan for a short time. If there is no suitable buyer, it will be transferred to other countries, so interested watch fans have to speed up!

 The crown is adorned with the brand’s ‘B’ lettering, and the special knurled relief on the bezel is a unique feature of the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’, inspired by the typical radiator partition pattern of Bentley sports cars.

 The knob on the left side of the case is used to adjust the time to display the second time zone on the outside of the surface, and to divide the day and night time.

 The back of the watch is engraved with the ‘B’ logo and special edition lettering, which highlights the nobility and speciality of this watch!

 From the eyes of the VIPs focusing on the watch, they know how attractive the models on display are.

 How can the VIPs be satisfied just by looking at the watch? They must be worn on the wrist to try and know which one is your Breitling.

 Although most of the men’s watches were displayed at the appreciation meeting, the female VIPs remained enthusiastic and tried on the watches they were interested in. It seems that girls wear boyfriend shirts, and girls don’t have a different sexy look with men’s watches, especially masculine and handsome watches like Breitling!

 At the end of the appreciation meeting, the exciting lead time was edited by the editor-in-chief, souvenirs were awarded to the VIPs who successfully reached the destination. It was the next most important thing whether the guests and the guests were happy.

Tips: Not only watch appreciation, but also taste life!

 The location of this appreciation meeting was selected at the Hongdi Home Deluxe Exhibition Hall located on the 7th floor of Changchun Road in Taipei. In addition to the spacious and comfortable exhibition room, VIPs were free to enjoy the tables and place delicate meals and drinks. The kitchenware also attracted the attention of VIPs on the spot. Hongdi’s agents include top kitchenware brands such as Germany’s LEICHT, bulthaup and Japan’s TOYO. With these top-level kitchenware to help out, it is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for the appreciation! The fine dining on the day was provided by contemporary French meals. Not long ago, they provided food and beverage services for the grand new car presentation of the well-known sports car brand at the Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport. The exquisite appreciation was naturally handy and quickly handled The exquisite little points made the VIPs at the scene not only satisfied with their eyesight, but also full of their mouthfeel!

 The exhibition space provided by Hongdi HOME DELUXE for this event, with its spacious space and excellent atmosphere, will make all guests coming home feel comfortable and appreciate each Breitling’s latest watch works comfortably.

 The exquisite meals on the day of the appreciation, accompanied by low-key luxury kitchenware, now bring a warm atmosphere to the event.