2016 Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mill Chantilly Antique Car Show

On Sunday, September 4, the two-day Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille Chantilly Antique Car Show ended. On this autumn weekend, the entire Chantilly castle has become an open-air museum with antique car treasures. This event revives the glorious traditions that originated in France, and combines the most unique avant-garde concept cars designed by car manufacturers with stylish and elegant living styles. In just two days, the exquisite car exhibits opened the eyes of the Quartet guests.

   Mr. Richard Mille and more than 13,500 people celebrated the holding of the third Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille Concoursd’Élégance. This is one of the most exquisite competitions in the world, where media guests and collectors meet unexpectedly. Many Richard Mille friends and partners of the Richard Mille brand have also been invited to celebrate this wonderful moment-including Jean Todt, Michelle Yeoh, Cyril Kongo, Wyd • Wayde van Niekerk and John Malkovich, an internationally renowned film star, producer and director who has recently joined the Richard Mille family of Richard Mille.

   The weekend’s event elegantly showcases the past, present and future. On September 3, the first day of the auto show, the classic car rally started. On this sunny day, many of the world’s most gorgeous cars debut. A major innovation this year is the addition of a second rally, limited to supercars from the 1980s to the present. The 25 racers are all male. They drove their peerless cars, explored the countryside of Chantilly, enjoyed climbing the Pondron mountains and riding on the Mortefontaine test track. pleasure.

   Visitors flocked to this 155-hectare (383-acre) park and garden designed by Lenault on Sunday just to see the world’s most gorgeous and extremely rare car manufacturing technology: from World-renowned designers’ body manufacturing technology, glorious classic racing cars and works brought by the greatest designers of this era. Distinguished Italian manufacturer MV Augusta unveiled the new ‘atelier’ motorcycle designed by Zagato, which all visitors and the media admired. Built by Milan’s master-class bodybuilder, its first show in Chantilly.

   At the same time, the third Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille Chantilly Antique Car Show celebrates the 50th anniversary of FIA President Jean Todt’s career, and he has written many magnificent poems in motorsport. This time he reunited with his previous car, including the famous Scuderia F1, Peugeot 205 T16 and 504 RallyeGroupe 4. These cars have helped him win the championship in his past career.

   There are also many workshops and exhibitions at the Chantilly site. It aims to commend the characters in the history of automobile development and interpret the art of French life. All this attracts a large number of visitors who travel with their families. The ‘The Grand Condé, rival of the Sun King’ exhibition held in the National Gallery of Modern Art showcased to the public more than 120 works of extraordinary significance and historical documents, including outstanding works borrowed from famous museums in France and other countries.

   Of course, the top priority of Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille’s Chantilly Antique Car Show must be the exciting competition. During Sunday’s celebrations, 40 experts, including Jean Todt, were invited to serve as judges for three car races. The three races are the Concours d’Élégance, which determines outstanding car designers and their futuristic cars; the Concours d’État for classic cars, and the Club Awards ( Grand Prix des Clubs), which rewards those clubs that collect classic cars and reproduce their historical value.

   DS E-Tense and its car models received the highest honor and highest award at the event: the classic Coucous d’ Élégance. The model’s clothing was designed by women’s clothing brand Eymeric François. This award brings together the most stylish aesthetic and concept cars. Then, a hundred cars competed for the Concours d’ État, and the criteria included any restoration work, the condition of the car, and historical significance. Richard Mill’s ‘Best of Show’ award was given to the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B, which was produced in 1938 and used a tourist car body. The Concours des Clubs brings together 800 cars from 40 different clubs. In addition to assessing the car’s appearance, repair quality, and assessing the vehicle’s stage setting, it was like ‘an elegant picnic on the grass.’ The winner this year is
Amicale Tricyclecariste de France club.

   Mr. Richard Mille and Peter Auto are pleased to announce that the fourth auto show will continue to be held in Chantilly Castle on September 10, 2017. Guests are welcome to reunite the weekend and experience the gorgeous automotive world.

Piaget Launches Protocole Xxl Complex Mechanical Watch

Piaget, the top watchmaker, once again selected complex mechanical watches as the brand’s new year’s development theme. Over the past ten years, Piaget has maintained a consistent passion and energy, dedicated to making and improving a series of reliable and efficient complex movements. In Piaget’s ambitious development plan, nearly 20 exclusive patented movements were produced in 10 years-such a result that even the most active watch makers in the industry cannot be underestimated. Piaget produces mechanical watches equipped with its patented movement. Watches equipped with Piaget mechanical movements in the future will continue to increase the proportion of the global watch industry.
     In order to prove its deep accumulated expertise and its status as a symbol of top watch aesthetics, all Piaget men’s watch series are equipped with mechanical movements, and women’s watch series have gradually increased the proportion of mechanical movements.
     Piaget is based on La Cte-aux-Fées and the recently expanded Geneva plant, enabling Piaget to fully grasp the concept development and production of mechanical movements. Piaget’s jewelry making art also gives the brand a unique status different from other watch makers. With the two professional skills of watches and jewellery, Piaget continues to display endless creativity-in 2009, of course, it will be another gorgeous display.
     Piaget, the top watch maker, has launched two new complex mechanical movements from design, research and development to production. The Piaget 835P and 860P mechanical movements are respectively assembled in the new Piaget Emperador coussin watches. In addition, the stunning mechanical watches-Piaget Altiplano women’s watches and Protocole XXL women’s watches will also make the new classics of the year more attractive!

The Year Of The Iwc ‘da Vinci’ Watch Series-declassified Da Vinci

The Geneva High-end Watch Salon (SIHH) in 2017 is still as prosperous as ever, prosperous in boutique timepieces, endlessly creative, and prosperous among the guests. IWC ushers in the year of Da Vinci this year. This IWC flagship series, which has always been popular, has become very different this time, so what kind of mystery is it waiting to be revealed? Take a look.

What does the Da Vinci watch series represent, and how does this series get its name?
IWC: In 1969, IWC Schaffhausen launched the Da Vinci watch (models: 3501, 9500). This is the first watch with a quartz movement ‘Beta 21’ produced entirely in Switzerland. IWC is actively involved in the development of this movement. The hexagonal gold case, the gold bracelet and the slender hour-markers give this watch an elegant technical look. This innovation represents the birth of a watch collection, and until today has been the perfect fusion of passion, creativity and aesthetics of IWC engineers. This series of names is inspired by Da Vinci: This is probably the most famous Renaissance scientist and artist who perfectly displayed the fusion of technology and aesthetics, so that others can only look at it.
What are the milestones in the history of the Da Vinci series?
IWC: The founding event in the history of the Da Vinci Collection is the display of the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar (model: 3750) at the 1985 Baselworld. IWC surprised the audience with its “eternal” calendar, which did not have to be manually adjusted before 2499, and this device can be adjusted simply by the crown. With the development of this mechanism by former chief watchmaker Kurt Klaus, IWC has fully advanced into the fine watch industry. In the history of the invention of the Da Vinci Series, IWC launched another innovative watch in 1986: the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Watch (Model: 3755) is the world’s first black oxidation-resistant and scratch-free black oxide Watch with zirconium case.
In 2007, IWC launched a fully improved barrel-shaped Da Vinci collection. The brand developed the first self-made chronograph movement in the Schaffhausen-based Da Vinci Chronograph (model: 3764), the 89360 movement. As a result, the measured hours and minutes can be read for the first time on the small dial like normal time. In 2009, another brand innovative Da Vinci perpetual calendar digital date and month watch (model: 3761) debuted. This watch displays the date and month in large numbers, in the same vein as the brand’s watchmaking traditions: As early as 1884, IWC launched pocket watches with digital hours and minutes based on the so-called Beauvais system.
In the tradition of this watch family for almost 50 years, the new Da Vinci Collection once again builds a bridge between the spirit of innovation and artistic aesthetics. Da Vinci Automatic 36 (Model: IW458307 / IW458308 / IW458310 / IW458312) stands out with its elegant design, the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph (Model: IW392101 / IW392103) and the Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph (Model: IW393101) is equipped with a new IWC-manufactured movement.
What makes the perpetual calendar designed by KURT KLAUS so unique?
IWC: The Gregorian calendar has different lengths of months, and there is a leap year every four years, and displaying it on the dial with the help of mechanical mechanisms is one of the oldest and most difficult challenges in the field of watchmaking. Since all display functions had to be individually adjusted, the first mechanical calendars for pocket watches and wristwatches were complicated and difficult to use. IWC chief watchmaker Gerbis began developing new mechanical calendar devices in the early 1980s. The device he designed consisted of only 81 parts, and no manual adjustment was required until 2499. The date, week, month, moon phase profit and loss, and year displays are perfectly synchronized with each other, and all displays can be advanced by adjusting the crown when the watch is not worn for a long time. Other innovations include a four-digit year display and a high-precision display of the real-time moon phase profit and loss, with only one day of adjustment after 122 years.
Where is the challenge of moon phase profit and loss display?
IWC: The changing shape of the moon creates a fascinating sight for the night sky. As a result, watchmakers tried to show the profit and loss of the moon phases on the dial a long time ago. The challenge is that the moon’s rotation cycle around the earth is not synchronized with the rhythm of the earth’s rotation: the interval from one new moon to the next new moon is exactly 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2.9 seconds. One method is to display the complete two-phase moon phase profit and loss cycle on 59 moon teeth on the moon phase indicator disc. After that, the display disc is moved forward by one gear tooth by the gear train system every day. This classic design and construction is also used in the Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic Watch 36 (model: IW459306 / IW459307 / IW459308). The moon phase profit and loss cycle can be rounded to 29.5 days, and it needs to pass through the pin every three years through ‘ Update at 2 o’clock. The display function of the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Chronograph (Model: IW392101 / IW392103) is based on Gerbis’s perpetual calendar, which is more accurate. Thanks to the unique reduction gear, only one day of correction is required after 577.5 years. For the first time, this watch integrates the moon phase profit and loss display and the chronograph accumulator in a small dial. The new IWC-manufactured calibre 89630 provides the technical basis for this.
What developments have the design of Da Vinci watches over the years?
IWC: Da Vinci watches have kept pace with the times for the past 50 years. When it was first introduced, its hexagonal case shape and pure gold bracelet accurately grasped the trends of the 1970s. The two hexagonal Da Vinci models released in the SL collection in 1976 are still collections that vintage watch enthusiasts aspire to. The watch designer found a new design concept for the perpetual calendar launched in 1985: a sketch of Da Vinci depicting the port fortifications of Piombino is a round with a double frame bezel The gold case provides inspiration.
In the 2007 Da Vinci collection, all models were newly introduced in a barrel-shaped case to showcase the history of this watch collection. In the latest collection, watch designers return to the circular molding language and large lug design of the 1980s, but their iconic features have gained modern interpretation. This reduces the width and slope of the double-frame bezel. Large Arabic numerals and willow-shaped hands are also inspired by the round Da Vinci watch. The new design is lighter overall and makes this watch series more attractive to women.
What is the significance of women’s watches in the history of IWC?
IWC: Watches for women have a long tradition in the nearly 150 years of Schaffhausen’s IWC. Since the late 1870s, IWC has been introducing women’s watches. The beautiful diamond-encrusted watch was an important representative of the Portofino series from the 1920s to the 1950s, and the Da Vinci women’s chronograph (model: 3735), which was first introduced in 1988, is also particularly memorable. At the time, the smallest movement made the chronograph complication equally popular with women. This elegant watch has been launched in different versions, such as the 1995 bezel-set gold model (model: 8436). This watch has since become one of the most successful women’s watches in the history of IWC. In the new series, the brand recreates this tradition and launches a new women’s watch series with unique characteristics.
What is engraved on the bottom of the Da Vinci Automatic 36 and Da Vinci Moon Phase Automatic 36?
IWC: On the bottom of the new 36 mm case diameter of the Da Vinci model is engraved a symbol that is likely to have been used in different cultures around the world for more than 6000 years. The table bottom decoration consists of overlapping rings with the same radius. The intersection of the two rings forms the center of the third ring, and a geometric pattern resembling a flower is formed inside the ring. The hexagonal shape of 19 rings has also been called the ‘flower of life’ since the 1970s. Its charm is not only reflected in the globally recognized beauty, but also different mathematics and universal rules can also be presented in this way. For IWC, the ‘flower of life’ symbolizes the combination of creativity, technology and aesthetics. Da Vinci also painted this symbol in his ‘Ancient Atlantic Manuscript’. This inspired IWC watch designers to use this decorative pattern on selected Da Vinci watches to show their unique style.
Why did IWC develop a new self-made movement for the Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph?
IWC: Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph (Model: IW393101) For the first time in the history of IWC, the tourbillon, chronograph and retrograde date are integrated on the watch dial. In order to achieve this goal, the brand developed a new 89900 self-made movement based on the 89360 chronograph movement. The 89360 chronograph movement displays the accumulated hours and minutes in a small dial on the upper part of the dial and places the small second hand on the small dial below. By mounting the tourbillon mechanism on the first seconds wheel. The watch designer integrated the tourbillon into the small second hand at ‘6 o’clock,’ while the chronograph accumulator continued to stay in the ’12 o’clock’ position. The combination of a chronograph and a tourbillon was first applied to the IWC’s Il Destriero Scafusia watch (model: IW186801) in 1993. But because there are too many complicated functions on the dial, there is no enough space, so the tourbillon is placed on the back of the movement.
How does the newly developed tourbillon stop work?
IWC: For IWC watches equipped with a tourbillon, the owner can only stop and set the hour and minute hands by pulling out the crown, while the wheel train system and the second hand continue to run. In the IWC-manufactured 89900 movement, through the newly developed tourbillon stop function, the balance wheel itself can be stopped in cooperation with the entire wheel train system, including the second hand. When the crown is pulled out, the two levers engage the outer edge of the balance wheel like a clamp from the outside and stop it completely, so that the watch can be set to the second.
How to achieve a 68-hour power reserve with a tourbillon?
IWC: Like any complex function, the tourbillon requires energy and affects the watch’s power reserve. In order to achieve a 68-hour power reserve after winding, IWC engineers optimized the fork bar and escape wheel of the 89900 movement, while also improving its material properties. The fork rod constitutes the connection between the gear train system and the balance wheel. Since it must withstand friction and impact, it is one of the most stressed parts in the movement. For the 89900 movement, the fork lever and escapement wheel are now made of diamond-coated silicon. In addition to its extremely hard surface, this material also provides excellent sliding properties. The reduced friction significantly compensates for the extra power consumption of the tourbillon to ensure a high power reserve for the watch.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Round Table Watch Appreciation

Round Table-a new interpretation of legend

 There is a motto in the hearts of the Knights of the Round Table-‘brave and generous.’ For Roger Dubuis, this is the belief in its existence.

 Drawing inspiration from the adventures of King Arthur and his partners, this Geneva watch factory has created this limited edition collection of 28 pieces with a distinguished, bold and historical mark. This watch is the perfect crystallization of exquisite handicraft. It is equipped with the RD821 automatic winding movement, and 12 heroes holding gold swords form a perfect circle around the exquisite large fire enamel dial. This situation is very symbolic. The adventure of King Arthur and his knights began with a rally in front of a round table.

 In the past years when courage was expressed in duels, the chivalry spirit originated from another noble sentiment of time and space: Welcome to the world of ‘Warriors’! This world is reminiscent of a round table warrior, a holy grail journey, a confrontation between justice and evil, and defending the glory of the territory. In that glorious era, people were able to control their own destiny.

 If these brave men hope that glory and success will always accompany their weapons, they can never lose the reason that made them unconquerable and fearless: courage. The most admired in the world of warriors is the value of bravery. Bold and rigorous are the qualities of samurai who defend their dignity. In these virtues, of course, there is no lack of discipline.

 From the Middle Ages to today, the legend of the wizard Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table is still one of the most widely circulated folklore. Their heroic deeds left a glorious stroke in the long scroll of history, and established the noble virtue of advocating courage and respecting wise men. King Henry VIII of the United Kingdom reproduces King Arthur’s round table in the castle of the Grand Hall in Winchester, England, and Roger Dubuis’s designer is from the brand-new Inspired by the creation.

 King Arthur’s legend is so enduring because the fantasy epic of the Kingdom of Camelot evokes the common historical memory of human beings. He bravely defended his territory under the sword of the invaders. This spectacular scene was staged in the forest of Broceliande. On the battlefield, there are many heroes who are capable, virtuous, and brave. Their talented military strategy and high sentiment are as bright as the sun and the moon.

 The Knights of the Round Table have the courage to cross the world and a great king. They put courage and bravery as the supreme virtue, which makes them invincible, wins justice, and creates a legend. If it is their heroism and a series of great achievements that have earned them a reputation, then the search for the Holy Grail has formed the legend of King Arthur and his friends.

 As a result, the bravest Lancelot among them is regarded as a perfect example. He won glory on the round table. Merlin then announced: ‘The most brave knights around this round table have equal status. Leaving this hall, they will begin to sweep away the adventures of aggression, sheltering the weak, and punishing the proud.’ This is all the adventure Starting point. From here, all the merits began to be written, everyone from the first moment to honor and disgrace, to conclude a common vow. With such enthusiasm, the twelve followers of King Arthur promised to transcend each other, explore the impossible, accept and overcome all challenges.

The pursuit of excellence

 This is exactly what Roger Dubuis is always pursuing, and it is precisely because of this belief that this Geneva watch factory draws inspiration from the legend of King Arthur and injects its latest masterpiece, the Excalibur Round Table watch. . This limited edition of 28 watches is a perfect expression of the round table scene.

 What makes it into the legendary palace is its 45 mm rose gold case, which also uses the iconic elements of the Excalibur series: a large case, a grooved bezel, a sturdy crown protection and three for fixing. Lugs on the strap. With a vibrant shape and sharp edges, this dial’s dial design is powerful and symbolic.

 Twelve statues of legendary round table knights holding swords in a circle replaced the time scale, and each of the knight statues was first three-dimensionally cast, then cast in liquid pure gold, and then hand-made for each detail Crafted. The stunning miniature craftsmanship has produced twelve statues of knights with a height of only 6.5 mm and various shapes. These works are derived from the meticulous production processes of skilled craftsmen, while also projecting their talent and enthusiasm. This distinctive masterpiece of timepieces is extremely delicate. Only by carefully appreciating its local details with a magnifying glass can you appreciate its meticulous craftsmanship. Master craftsmen work side by side with watchmakers, ingeniously blending watchmaking tradition with artistic masterpieces.

 The exquisite large fire enamel dial in the center forms a gorgeous and colorful scene, which better creates the dreamy atmosphere of this model. On the back, the eternal vows of the Knights of the Round Table are wound in a circle, engraved on the bottom cover of the watch together with a painted badge,
This design aims to pay tribute to the fearless heroes of the Knights of the Round Table.

 This watch is also fascinating because it is equipped with the latest generation of automatic mechanical movement RD821, with hours and minutes display function. With Roger Dubuis’ relentless pursuit of quality, the watch and its movement as a whole won the precious Poinçon de Genève.

 Unparalleled quality allows the Excalibur Round Table to consistently exceed the rigorous standards of fine watchmaking, allowing every owner to step into the hall of legend.

Earl’s Spokesperson Gong Li Performed Extreme Charm

Piaget’s new Limelight Gala series sparks contemporary style
Gong Li, a global brand spokesperson, interprets extreme femininity

 The 60s of the last century was a golden age filled with whimsy. Piaget Piaget led the era’s creativity and created elegant jewelry watches for women at the time. In 2013, Piaget launched the new Limelight Gala jewellery watch with inspiration from the works of the time, and transformed it into Piaget’s new identification mark.

 The unparalleled aesthetics, full-bodied curves and delicately set gems echo each other perfectly, revealing a unique personality that shines in fashion. At the intersection of art design and jewelry setting, Piaget once again gave the classic watches of the sixties with creativity and vitality, which explained the timeless charm of time. At the same time, Earl PIAGET also found the most suitable interpretation for his work-Gong Li, a global brand spokesperson. She is the epitome of this era and the perfect expression of female charm. The blockbuster performed by Limelight Gala and Gong Li fully demonstrated Extreme femininity and brilliance of each other.

 GIA Li, Piaget’s global brand spokesperson Gong Li’s new Limelight Gala blockbuster interpretation of the ultimate feminine charm!

      GIA Li, Piaget’s global brand spokesperson Gong Li’s new Limelight Gala blockbuster interpretation of the ultimate feminine charm!

Gong Li perfectly interprets the new Piaget Limelight Gala watch

 Gong Li, as the only Chinese film star who has won personal honors in the world’s three major international film festivals, has an incomparable post-film status. However, under many auras, she has not shown the slightest momentum and consistent efforts. Consistent self-discipline, a positive attitude to life, and a calm and elegant temperament are the things that she most favors Piaget. Quietly, only a touch of the mouth corner, a raised eyebrow corner, the charming, noble, moving smile immediately dumped sentient beings, so elegant, so calm feminine charm, not a square.

 Gong Li, wearing Piaget’s Limelight Gala white gold watch, is even more fishy. The picture feels hand-in-hand, showing her femininity with ease, and the style of the entire blockbuster is like her true portrayal. The simple dial shows stunning fluid beauty, black Roman numerals and delicate black silk straps complement each other, complementing Gong Li’s low-key temperament. In another blockbuster, the Piaget Limelight Gala platinum diamond watch worn by Gong Li is a masterpiece of the perfect fusion of time art and diamond aesthetics. From the bezel, dial to the strap, all are bathed in brilliance, doing everything Show elegant style and extreme feminine charm.

 Bright and moving, full of business, sexy and charming, these three adjectives perfectly fit this new Limelight Gala series. It releases time from the straight path we are accustomed to, and migrates into a curve curve of a completely female. Two elegantly extended lugs round out the round case, and the natural and sexy curve is caused by a small single row Beautiful diamonds are more prominent. The simple, low-key dial shines with extreme contemporary femininity, and the black Roman numerals on the dial echo the exquisite silk strap.

Witness the wonderful blend of art and craft once again

 From the idea of ​​sketching and design, all the way to the mold opening and polishing of the case, without any other hand, it was developed and produced by Piaget’s fine watchmaking workshops. Brand is enough to fulfill the mission of front-line production. Loyal to the brand heritage of Piaget Piaget, all watchmakers are passionate and dedicated to interpreting Piaget’s style, and personally testify to the original character of Piaget Limelight Gala jewelry watches. It is the inheritance of the style of the 1960s, and it is undoubtedly a signature of contemporary fashion based on absolute feminine charm, leaving its unique mark in the streamer.

 Inheriting the bold artistic style and superb production skills of Piaget Piaget, the Piaget Limelight Gala series has also become another important member of its jewellery watch family. The elegant and unique lug shape will also become one of Piaget’s Piaget watches. A very representative product line. We expect Limelight Gala to shine different brilliance on different women’s wrists.

Hamilton Launches Jazz Lady Automatic Watch

As early as the early 20th century, Hamilton had launched women’s watches. In 2013, Hamilton launched a new jazz lady automatic watch, showing the multi-faceted charm of contemporary women who pursue trendy style and precise timing.

 Technical parameters Diameter: 30 mm Material: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-tone dial: silver / mother-of-pearl strap: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-color (quick-release strap) Movement: 2671 automatic Winding mechanical movement, another quartz movement is available. Mirror surface: anti-glare coating sapphire. Water resistance: 50 meters. Suggested retail price: 6150-7700 yuan.

 Technical parameters Diameter: 30 mm Material: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-tone dial: silver / mother-of-pearl strap: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-color (quick-release strap) Movement: 2671 automatic Winding mechanical movement, another quartz movement is available. Mirror surface: anti-glare coating sapphire. Water resistance: 50 meters. Suggested retail price: 6150-7700 yuan.

 Technical parameters Diameter: 30 mm Material: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-tone dial: silver / mother-of-pearl strap: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-color (quick-release strap) Movement: 2671 automatic Winding mechanical movement, another quartz movement is available. Mirror surface: anti-glare coating sapphire. Water resistance: 50 meters. Suggested retail price: 6150-7700 yuan.

 Technical parameters Diameter: 30 mm Material: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-tone dial: silver / mother-of-pearl strap: stainless steel / rose gold PVD / stainless steel rose gold PVD two-color (quick-release strap) Movement: 2671 automatic Winding mechanical movement, another quartz movement is available. Mirror surface: anti-glare coating sapphire. Water resistance: 50 meters. Suggested retail price: 6150-7700 yuan.

 The Hamilton JAZZMASTER LADY AUTO rounded dial is integrated into an oval case with teardrop-shaped lugs and graduations. This series of watches has a variety of styles. The mother-of-pearl dial has a gorgeous style. Each of the 12 slender teardrop-shaped scales is set with a sparkling diamond and a polished stainless steel strap. Rose gold-plated style and rose gold stainless steel two-color style, the color is warm and elegant, keeping up with fashion trends. The quick-release strap design is practical and intimate, and women can easily remove and replace the strap to match their different looks and moods.

Gentlemanship Chopard’s New L.U.C Quattro Watch Appreciation

In 2010, the LUC men’s watch was born. Its name is named after the company’s founder, LouisUlysseChopard. This series of watches is based on traditional watchmaking aesthetics and is constantly innovating. It has become a major representative of Chopard. series. This year, Chopard has added another masterpiece to this series at the Basel Watch Fair. The L.U.CQuattro watch is not only beautiful in appearance and intriguing, but also has a long power reserve, showing solemn and elegant British taste. Let’s enjoy this L.U.CQuattro watch together. (Watch model: 161926-1002)

  Bottle green and olive are now very popular in the watchmaking industry, but Chopard did not simply apply these common colors, but adopted a grayish green, which is very British gentleman taste. Another highlight of this watch is that this watch has a long 9-day power reserve, which will accompany you for a long time. The L.U.CQuattro watch is not only a model of this series, but also the main watch of ChopardManufacture, which is excellent in design and performance.

Watch real shot

  The diameter of the LUCQuattro watch is 43 mm. The case is made of 18K white gold. The bezel is polished with satin finish. The bezel is polished with a polishing process. Different processes create different visual effects and reflect precious metals. Luxurious texture.

  The lugs and case are connected smoothly and elegantly, and present a certain arc, which can fit the wrist better when wearing the watch.

  The crown of the same material is engraved with the words ‘L.U.C’, which highlights the brand’s unique aesthetic design, and is also surrounded by a non-slip texture design, which is convenient for us to grasp and adjust the time.

  The simple and stylish gray-green dial is treated with silver vertical satin, adding a touch of retro flavor. A small second hand is set at 6 o’clock, surrounded by a date display function, which is indicated by hands; the power reserve at 12 o’clock shows 0 to 9 scales, which is presented in an iconic 180-degree fan shape. Large Arabic numerals ‘3’ and ‘9’ at 3 and 9 o’clock, rhodium-plated appliques and Prince-of-Arrow arrow-shaped hands complement each other, and the hands are coated with SuperLumiNova fluorescent coating.

  The brown matte crocodile leather double-sided strap is decorated with natural cracks. It looks stylish and elegant with the watch. It is a good choice for watch enthusiasts who like the gentleman style.

  The movement is equipped with the original 98.01-L movement of ChopardManufacture. This movement combines two complete double barrels and is the world’s first manually wound movement with four barrels. The mainspring is 1.88 meters long and can provide 216 hours, which is equivalent to a power reserve of 9 days. Although the movement uses four barrels, the thickness is only 3.7 millimeters. At the same time, it uses a sophisticated polishing process, which is beautiful.

To sum up: Chopard L.U.CQuattro watches are distinguished by their distinctive colors, and they have a 9-day long power reserve. Those who are interested in Chopard L.U.CQuattro watches can pay more attention. This limited edition of 50 watches is priced at $ 25,800, which is equivalent to nearly 180,000 yuan. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)

Three Mido Helmsman Series Multi-functional Sports Watches Which One Do You Prefer

Among Mido fans, a considerable number of people particularly like the Helmsman series. This series with a magnificent personality has a distinctive casual sports style. In terms of value, the Mido helmsman series is very young and lively. In terms of performance, it is also a well-known product in the history of Mido, so if you want to buy a watch that is easy to use and looks good The Helmsman series is a good choice. Today, we bring to you three good-looking and fun watch models launched by the Helmsman series in recent years. Will the multi-function timekeeping make you favor it?
Mido Helmsman M025.627.36.061.10 watch

Watch Series: Helmsman Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel PVD black coating
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: 14800
Watch details: 60 automatic chronograph movement, which can provide 60 hours of power. The hour and minute hands and hour markers are covered with a brown super luminous coating. Overall, it is very suitable for young people.
Mido Helmsman M025.627.36.061.00 watch

Watch Series: Helmsman Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel PVD black coating
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: 14800
Watch details:
Watch Series: Helmsman Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel PVD black coating
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 44 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 15500
Watch details: 60, first of all, a lap in kinetic energy, is a regular 44 hours. The watch also has a day of the week display and a 12-hour timer, which is more complicated in function. As for playability, it is not much different, and the price is very similar.
Summary: In general, the three watches are almost the same in size and the price is almost the same. The third model is slightly richer in function, but for daily wear, the 30-minute timer and calendar are sufficient. If you like the complexity of the function and the complicated beauty, then the third one will definitely surprise you. If you like the simplicity, then the first two will be a good choice. In terms of color matching, I occasionally like to betrayal, but I still appreciate the new products this year. If I want to buy, I will still choose the second one.

Cartier’s Classic Can You Tell The Difference Between The Various Tanks?

There are many historical events in the history of human civilization. There can be fields such as astronomy, legislation, geography, etc. However, we can never skip the war. Whether it is World War I or World War II, it will deal a heavy blow to people around the world. People don’t want to talk about war, and they don’t want to remember the scenes of killing. However, the Cartier watch gained inspiration from the war, and interpreted the war for us from another angle. The most powerful new weapon in World War I, the French Renault tank, inspired Louis Cartier. The tank with a revolutionary design was created with a perfect square, the tank (Tank), and the subsequent evolution has continued the history of the tank. Next, let the watch house take you into the world of tanks.

  Cartier TANKFRANCAISE French tank series W51005Q4 watch


Comments on the model: The French tank TankFrançaise is not as slender as the American tank TankAméricaine, but it makes the whole more harmonious and balanced. The TankFrançaise watch is more like a bracelet watch, boldly placing the curved case in the center of the track bracelet The watch looks more feminine. The gold material of this watch makes people shine, and the elegance reveals elegance. The 36.5×28.15 mm case is smooth and natural. The geometric lines extend from the eye of the case to the strap. Tracks of armored vehicles. Through the sapphire crystal, you can see the time at a glance. 18K yellow gold and stainless steel bracelet with a stainless steel folding buckle, wearing on the wrist is atmospheric and beautiful. In terms of power, it is equipped with a Cartier 120 self-winding mechanical movement with a waterproof depth of 30 meters / 100 feet, which is sufficient to meet daily waterproofing needs.

Basic Information
Number: W51005Q4
Brand: Cartier
Series: Tank
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 58,000
For more watch details, please click: Cartier TANKAMERICAINE American tank series W2603156 watch


Comments on the models: The tanks are different in shape. Compared with the prototype of the Tank watch, the American Tank TankAméricaine watch has a larger arc and a longer shape. This watch is numbered W2603156 and has a case size of 45.1×26.6 mm. Only men with thicker wrists can set off its toughness and domineering. 18K yellow gold case, while retaining the rectangular case, play with the geometric shape of the lines, rounded corners and right angles appear alternately. Through the mirror, the dial has a silver-plated engraving, and the track-type scale with Roman numerals has a more retro flavor. The sword-shaped blue steel hands are the favorite on many people’s dials, elegant and chic, and the calendar display window is located at six o’clock. The octagonal crown is set with a multi-faceted sapphire, each detail highlights the brand’s intentions.

  The retro dial with a brown alligator leather strap has a natural texture, and the 18K yellow gold pin buckle clasp ensures that the watch becomes an elegant piece for men’s wrists. On the power, built-in Cartier 120 automatic mechanical movement.

Basic Information
Number: W2603156
Brand: Cartier
Series: Tank
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 115,000
For more watch details, please click: Cartier TANKFRANCAISE French tank series W5310009 watch


Comments on the model: The British tank (TankAnglaise) strengthened the characteristics of the prototype of the Tank watch, and integrated the crown into the case, reinterpreting perfect symmetry, making the appearance more smooth and softer. The 39.2×29.8mm case is made of silver stainless steel, and the square case can better show the man’s style and gentlemanly style. The nine-cornered crown, inlaid with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel, appears low-key on the right side of the case. Through the sapphire crystal glass, the Roman numerals are clear at a glance, and the calendar display window is at three o’clock. The link between the case and the bracelet is made in one go. The polished stainless steel bracelet with frosted links is atmospheric and beautiful on the wrist. And compared with the belt, the material of stainless steel is easier to take care of, and there will be no smell due to sweat stains.

Basic Information
Number: W5310009
Brand: Cartier
Series: Tank
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 46,400
For more watch details, please click: Cartier TANKMC series W5330007 watch


Watch comments: If the above three watches are too formal, can this TANKMC series watch evoke your passion? The TankMC watch is a chronograph. The tough stainless steel case is matched with a semi-matte black alligator leather strap. The case is oversized and has a square grandeur. From the dial, the silver-plated guilloché silver dial with sword-shaped blue steel hands, 30 minutes and 12 hours are symmetrically distributed at the three o’clock and nine o’clock positions. The style is integrated, and the timing function is controlled by the buttons on the upper and lower sides of the crown. In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1904MC self-winding mechanical movement created by Cartier Watch Workshop, giving the watch excellent performance and a water resistance of 3 bar (30 meters). Through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, the movement structure can be seen at a glance.

Basic Information
Number: W5330007
Brand: Cartier
Series: Tank
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Release time: 2014 Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair
Price: ¥ 73,000
For more watch details, please click: cartier / 35092 /

Summary: The first time Cartier’s name was heard, it didn’t start with the tank, but started with the blue balloon. However, the tank was not disappointing. The two are different design styles. The shape of the blue balloon is more rounded, the shape is between classic and future, and the edges and lines of the tank are more simple and avant-garde. Today, as the brand continues to approach the needs of the public, the shape of the tank is also changing silently. Friends who like it can find more watch information from the Watch House. Different styles and models are under exploration. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Men Have A Flying Dream Three Recommended ‘big-cap’ Flying Watches

Since mankind’s dream of flying in the air has become a reality in modern times, precision and rigor have always begun to escort the romance and beauty of flying. Today, many watch fans or aviation fans are fascinated by flying watches. Those rough and bold lines, wear-resistant and practical performance, as well as the elements and symbols of war awards make it difficult for us to refuse. The following watch homes recommend and explain three ‘large-panel’ flying watches for you, so that you can experience their ultimate charm in more detail.
Zenith TYPE 20 GMT Watch 03.2430.693 / 21.C723

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 48 mm
Watch details: 113,000
Watch details: iwc / 19216 /

Watch Comments: IWC’s large pilot watches have been IWC’s flagship products since 2002. Built with IWC’s largest movement, it can instantly provide a power reserve of more than seven days. The movement will stop after 168 hours of operation to ensure that the accuracy of the watch remains the same throughout the entire operation. This is a mechanical watch that has accumulated IWC’s long experience in watchmaking. The oversized 46mm diameter, sapphire double-sided anti-reflective convex crystal watch, and the classic three-pin design of the black dial make it easy to read under any conditions. The movement reserve display at 3 o’clock can accurately indicate the time remaining before the movement stops, and the date display is set at 6 o’clock. Its 46mm case contains a soft iron inner case, which protects the movement from magnetic field effects. The oversized folding clasp is striking.
Breitling Aviation Chronograph 01 Watch AB012721 / BD09 / 441X / A20BA.1

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 46 mm
Watch details: Breitling / 34359 /

Watch Reviews: An aviation chronograph watch loved by pilots and aviation fans alike, equipped with Breitling’s own 01 movement, with excellent performance, stability and reliability. This watch continues the classic shape of the Breitling Aviation Chronograph, and is newly presented with an extraordinary 46 mm diameter. The XL design not only highlights the originality of the design, but also optimizes the dial and circular flight slider data. Its readability greatly enhances its presence on the wrist. The stainless steel case, black dial with red seconds hand, silver cumulative chronograph and delicate three-dimensional or digital hour markers add detail and character to the classic look in detail. The two-way ratchet-type rotating bezel guarantees easy and smooth operation of the famous circular flying slider. It is equipped with Breitling’s self-made 01 movement, which is the best mechanical chronograph movement in the world. It has a two-way automatic winding system and a speed-adjustable calendar function with no restricted zone. It has a power reserve of up to 70 hours and has a strict COSC certification. This watch can be said to be rugged, precise, reliable and fully functional.
Summary: Today, with meticulous operation, precise timing, and various complicated but practical functions, the flying watch is more like a symbol of will to strike the sky, let us experience the ambition of persevering Changhong. These three ‘big-disk’ flying watches are very eye-catching in appearance. With exquisite workmanship and precise movement configuration, they are definitely the best choice for you to pursue your flying dream.