Lafranui, a designer brand founded in Hamburg on the river Elbe, has won the support of a group of young Europeans with a young and vibrant design and a shape full of natural beauty. In 2011, German pilot Pioneer Lang Kun greatly appreciated the design of the steel ball concept watch, and decided to share and operate the Lavaro brand with the young design team of Lavaro, and to ensure the inherent quality of Lavaro with his rigorous watchmaking process, making the Lavaro brand from pure The niche designer brand is born into a watch brand that truly represents the young design power of the younger generation in Germany.
   In addition to the very representative Abacus steel ball watch series designed by designer Roy Schafer, Lavrangi’s rectangular series for women is also loved by young women. This Lavrangi rectangular design ladies watch is dominated by red, very passionate and full of vitality.

   The dial is rectangular in design, but in design, it breaks the rules and is very avant-garde and individual. The round dial is housed in a rectangular case with a circle in the square.

   The white dial has no time mark decoration, and the simple lines and the contour of the case echo the simple fashion. It collides with the red leather strap to bring out the young passion and simplicity.

   Quartz movement, stainless steel case, case size 24X28 mm, sterling silver dial, sapphire glass, water-resistant to 30 meters, leather strap. Number: 48004WDB.