Omega has been widely known as the Olympic timekeeper. In 2013, Omega will continue to provide timing services for the IAAF Diamond League Tour Season. Since the establishment of the Diamond League in 2010, Omega has always been the designated timekeeper for the event.

 The IAAF Diamond League is held regularly every year, with one day of each competition (the two-day competition in London this July). One of its main goals is to strengthen the worldwide influence of track and field. A total of 14 races are planned for 2013, which also includes the most eye-catching European schedule, as well as races in China and the United States. On May 10, the first race of the new season began in Doha, Qatar.

 ‘We are very much looking forward to once again recording the outstanding performance of the outstanding men and women athletes of the IAAF Diamond League in this event. Through close cooperation with the Olympic Games, we have become familiar with many top athletes and can participate in We are honored to present the performance of these world-class athletes to a wider audience in the Diamond League. ‘

 The Diamond League Shanghai Station on May 18 will usher in the most powerful team ever. 3 world record holders, 18 Olympic champions and 25 World Championship champions will make the whole game shine. Omega will work with athletes to witness the moments created by legends.

 In addition to providing timing and data processing services for many of the world’s top sports events, Omega is also responsible for the development of many core sports timing technologies. One of them is the Scan’O’Vision endpoint camera, which can “shoot time”.

 In the 2013 Diamond League, Omega’s timing and data processing team will continue to use the full set of top-level equipment used in the 2012 London Olympics. The London Olympics marks the 25th time Omega has been designated as the Olympic timekeeper. At the same time, the cooperation agreement between Omega and the International Olympic Committee has been extended to 2020.