Round Table-a new interpretation of legend

 There is a motto in the hearts of the Knights of the Round Table-‘brave and generous.’ For Roger Dubuis, this is the belief in its existence.

 Drawing inspiration from the adventures of King Arthur and his partners, this Geneva watch factory has created this limited edition collection of 28 pieces with a distinguished, bold and historical mark. This watch is the perfect crystallization of exquisite handicraft. It is equipped with the RD821 automatic winding movement, and 12 heroes holding gold swords form a perfect circle around the exquisite large fire enamel dial. This situation is very symbolic. The adventure of King Arthur and his knights began with a rally in front of a round table.

 In the past years when courage was expressed in duels, the chivalry spirit originated from another noble sentiment of time and space: Welcome to the world of ‘Warriors’! This world is reminiscent of a round table warrior, a holy grail journey, a confrontation between justice and evil, and defending the glory of the territory. In that glorious era, people were able to control their own destiny.

 If these brave men hope that glory and success will always accompany their weapons, they can never lose the reason that made them unconquerable and fearless: courage. The most admired in the world of warriors is the value of bravery. Bold and rigorous are the qualities of samurai who defend their dignity. In these virtues, of course, there is no lack of discipline.

 From the Middle Ages to today, the legend of the wizard Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table is still one of the most widely circulated folklore. Their heroic deeds left a glorious stroke in the long scroll of history, and established the noble virtue of advocating courage and respecting wise men. King Henry VIII of the United Kingdom reproduces King Arthur’s round table in the castle of the Grand Hall in Winchester, England, and Roger Dubuis’s designer is from the brand-new Inspired by the creation.

 King Arthur’s legend is so enduring because the fantasy epic of the Kingdom of Camelot evokes the common historical memory of human beings. He bravely defended his territory under the sword of the invaders. This spectacular scene was staged in the forest of Broceliande. On the battlefield, there are many heroes who are capable, virtuous, and brave. Their talented military strategy and high sentiment are as bright as the sun and the moon.

 The Knights of the Round Table have the courage to cross the world and a great king. They put courage and bravery as the supreme virtue, which makes them invincible, wins justice, and creates a legend. If it is their heroism and a series of great achievements that have earned them a reputation, then the search for the Holy Grail has formed the legend of King Arthur and his friends.

 As a result, the bravest Lancelot among them is regarded as a perfect example. He won glory on the round table. Merlin then announced: ‘The most brave knights around this round table have equal status. Leaving this hall, they will begin to sweep away the adventures of aggression, sheltering the weak, and punishing the proud.’ This is all the adventure Starting point. From here, all the merits began to be written, everyone from the first moment to honor and disgrace, to conclude a common vow. With such enthusiasm, the twelve followers of King Arthur promised to transcend each other, explore the impossible, accept and overcome all challenges.

The pursuit of excellence

 This is exactly what Roger Dubuis is always pursuing, and it is precisely because of this belief that this Geneva watch factory draws inspiration from the legend of King Arthur and injects its latest masterpiece, the Excalibur Round Table watch. . This limited edition of 28 watches is a perfect expression of the round table scene.

 What makes it into the legendary palace is its 45 mm rose gold case, which also uses the iconic elements of the Excalibur series: a large case, a grooved bezel, a sturdy crown protection and three for fixing. Lugs on the strap. With a vibrant shape and sharp edges, this dial’s dial design is powerful and symbolic.

 Twelve statues of legendary round table knights holding swords in a circle replaced the time scale, and each of the knight statues was first three-dimensionally cast, then cast in liquid pure gold, and then hand-made for each detail Crafted. The stunning miniature craftsmanship has produced twelve statues of knights with a height of only 6.5 mm and various shapes. These works are derived from the meticulous production processes of skilled craftsmen, while also projecting their talent and enthusiasm. This distinctive masterpiece of timepieces is extremely delicate. Only by carefully appreciating its local details with a magnifying glass can you appreciate its meticulous craftsmanship. Master craftsmen work side by side with watchmakers, ingeniously blending watchmaking tradition with artistic masterpieces.

 The exquisite large fire enamel dial in the center forms a gorgeous and colorful scene, which better creates the dreamy atmosphere of this model. On the back, the eternal vows of the Knights of the Round Table are wound in a circle, engraved on the bottom cover of the watch together with a painted badge,
This design aims to pay tribute to the fearless heroes of the Knights of the Round Table.

 This watch is also fascinating because it is equipped with the latest generation of automatic mechanical movement RD821, with hours and minutes display function. With Roger Dubuis’ relentless pursuit of quality, the watch and its movement as a whole won the precious Poinçon de Genève.

 Unparalleled quality allows the Excalibur Round Table to consistently exceed the rigorous standards of fine watchmaking, allowing every owner to step into the hall of legend.