Everyone has a dream of racing when he is a teenager. He drives handsome cars and opponents to race on the professional track. The sense of transcendence and the pride of gaining results are born. With a passion for racing, GP Girard Perregaux continues the brand’s traditional style and integrates passion for racing perfectly. Circuito’s simple and powerful line sense, extremely dynamic, perfectly showing the passion and speed of the sports wind, strongly expressed the longing for the track, showing the extreme passion for the racing world. (Watch model: 49590-39-612-BB6B)

 History of Writing Time

Girard Perregaux GP Circuito Illustration

    As early as the 19th century, chronographs were born. Girard Perregaux began producing chronograph watches at the time. The ultra-precise and elegant pocket watches have created a legendary history of Girard-Perregaux dedicated to the pursuit of precision. The precise design is equipped with a double-second chronograph function, which is used to calculate the time interval in the middle, or two activities with the same start time and different end time.
    These designs symbolize the vitality and spirit of the brand, and over time, watches from the 1920s and 1930s followed. Since then, GP Girard Perregaux has successfully created a number of chronograph sports watches renowned for reliability and stability, relying on professional technology. In the 1950s, Girard Perregaux designed chronographs specifically designed to meet the needs of engineers. Later in the 1960s, more sporty styles were introduced, as well as timepieces capable of calculating short periods of time, bringing to the younger generation chronographs that could calculate their athletic performance. At the same time, GP Girard Perregaux’s ‘Ready-Go’ three-timer watch specially designed for rally and motorcycle riders was also launched with great success.
Reinventing classics and paying tribute to the racing world

    Rolls Royce car photos

    In the 1990s, these classic designs inspired the management who loved racing at the time, so they relaunched the chronograph inspired by the 1960s design to pay tribute to the racing world.
    This year’s Girard Perregaux presents the ‘Sport Competizione’ chronograph series, which is inspired by cars and pays tribute to the fast world. The newly designed lines perfectly integrate the retro style and the future style, reminiscent of the world famous 1987 ‘Club Italia’ chronograph watch. That golden age of quartz symbolized the rebuilding of an emerging market for quality and classic products.
Racing and sports elements collide, exuding perfect vitality

Table twist display

    The chronograph watch with unique fashion beauty perfectly shows the fusion of tradition and avant-garde aesthetics. If you watch closely, you will find that the layout of the dial is unique (small seconds at 3).

   Under the table display

    The brand’s engineers and watchmakers focus on stability and lightness, and innovatively create a 42mm titanium carbon fiber composite case, whose metal texture reveals the sense of sight of a high-level automotive instrument panel.

Case display

    The use of synthetic metal, plus a specially developed case design to match this material. It makes the case extremely light, highly impact resistant, and water resistant to 30 meters. It is equipped with a chronograph design from the golden age of the watch, which effectively protects the chronograph movement.

‘Honeycomb’ hollow dial display

   This highly efficient chronograph watch designed for everyday adventures, with a ‘honeycomb’ skeleton dial, designed like a car’s radiator grille and air intake, reveals a confident sports fashion style.

Precise movement time from Girard Perregaux’s own movement GP03300-0122

The skeletonized dial reveals a faint movement

    It is equipped with a 25.60 mm mechanical movement finely crafted by the brand’s artisans using traditional techniques. It is equipped with a blue steel screw pearl dot main board and a Geneva bridge (splint).
    The design of the watch is transparent, and the precise operation of 435 components (including 63 gems, column wheels and steel hammers) can be seen from the metal case back. The stabilizing component is also extremely precise, vibrating at a frequency of 28,800 (4 Hz) per hour, which allows the watch to achieve its best accuracy.

From the dial to the strap, the passion for sports is revealed at all times

Strap display

Strap display

    Carbonized calfskin strap with DLC-coated, bead-treated stainless steel stack. The watch is simple and comfortable to wear, with a sporty look.

Watch display

Summary: the sense of sight of the racing dashboard, plus the integration of sports elements. This Girard Perregaux GP Circuito chronograph watch displays two styles of racing and sports, exquisite craftsmanship, unique design, practical and not pretentious is the message this watch conveys to us. Table friends who like sports style and racing elements can consider starting this watch.