BLANCPAIN aims to reinterpret its VILLERET series launched in 2010. Following the Blancpain preview model launched in January this year, Blancpain’s watchmaking factory has exclusively launched the VILLERET series half-time zone watch, which can be adjusted for half an hour in the second time zone. From then on, travelers who travel to half-time countries (such as India) can also obtain accurate time.

  Blancpain’s first dual time zone watch is easy to operate, and you can complete all adjustments to the date, time and reference time by just turning the crown of the watch a few times. The wearer can select the quick adjustment mode or the half-time zone adjustment mode by the button on the top of the crown. It is also worth noting that adjusting the reference time automatically adjusts the travel time in the second time zone.

  It is the ingenious Calibre 5254DF design of the watchmaking factory in Le Havre that gives this watch a smooth and simple half-time zone operation. This fully automatic movement consists of 321 parts and can store 72 hours of kinetic energy. The 12 o’clock position of the dial is the reference time display window, and the center is the half time zone and seconds display window; the day and night display window of the reference time is located at 9 o’clock, and the date replacement display window that is consistent with the second time zone is located at 6 o’clock Position; the date change (D) or time zone (T) indication is marked at 4 o’clock. This watch further highlights Blancpain’s amazing innovative spirit and has established its position in brand innovation since 2006.

  The VILLERET half-time zone watch uses a red gold half-hunting cover design, set with sapphire crystal on the back, perfectly complementing its sophisticated movement, and highlighting the elegance of the oscillating weight with the guilloche pattern. The delicate opal dial stands out against the red-gold hour numerals. The alvazel leather strap with the watch also adds aristocratic character to the entire watch.