Whether it is vigorous or quiet and elegant, everyone aspires to harvest their own love. TAG Heuer watch inherits the precision quality of 152 years. In 2012, it launched the men’s and women’s pair watch with its classic Carrera series to express its unique love. This pair of watches inherits the simplicity, elegance and legibility of Carrera 1887. While retaining the first Carrera design of 1964, it infused with modern elements, which is a new model of chronograph. Carrera 1887 chronograph calella rose gold ladies watch
Men’s watches are fully mature in rose gold or steel with a black leather strap. The open dial presents a clear field of vision, and every minute of the rhythm carries every heartbeat moment. Women’s watches are exquisitely compact against the background of rose gold, without too much flamboyant shine, simple and exquisite embellishments, making love last forever. As far as appearance is concerned, Calera couple watches have their own advantages, but they all show a strong TAG Heuer sports style, as if the time of love is freed from the external constraints. The watch is equipped with the brand’s self-developed 1887 movement, which enables the start-up time of the chronograph to not exceed 2/1000 seconds and a power reserve of up to 50 hours. This swing gear is also one of TAG Heuer’s first patents and a milestone in the field of modern watchmaking.