Since the birth of Grand Seiko in 1960, we have adhered to the creation of countless precise and practical models with exquisite and rigorous watchmaking technology, and have continuously developed and rewritten movements that have the ultimate history of precision aesthetics. ‘And’ Quartz Watch ‘. In 2004, it introduced the’ 9R Spring Drive ‘movement, which combines two technologies and skills. The first self-winding 9R movement was born. Strict adherence to precision and practicality of top-level watchmaking technology has been repeatedly recognized by the international watch industry. This year, it is even more proud to win the ‘small hand award’ of the Geneva Watch Awards, which is known as the Oscar in the watch industry. The precise status of the company, and the seat of the chief king of SEIKO Oriental Watch Factory.

Grand Seiko’s top watchmaking technology is highly recognized internationally, winning the Geneva Watch Awards for the Small Hands Award for the first time, launching the 9R Spring Drive 10th Anniversary Limited Edition and creating the King’s Respect

In 2014, the 10th anniversary of the ‘9R Spring Drive’ movement, Grand Seiko released the 9R Spring Drive 10th Anniversary Limited List SBGA109, 700 pieces worldwide. This commemorative model has a special design to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the dial, such as the checkered pattern interwoven with the ‘Ten’ character, the 10-minute Grand Seiko lion logo, and the 10th anniversary limited back engraving. The timeless and extraordinary taste of the classic is the highest tribute to professional watchmaking.

Professional watchmaking 9R Spring Drive movement

Since the Spring Drive movement was added to the Grand Seiko series in 2004, its accuracy has been highly evaluated in the international market. In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 9R Spring Drive on the Grand Seiko, a limited edition watch is specially launched to continue the ‘Seiko Style’ heritage style The watchmaker pays tribute to the pinnacle of watchmaking with a special design limited to the 10th anniversary in the details. The 10th anniversary limited edition models use ivory as the overall surface color. The dial is composed of Chinese ‘ten’ characters in different sizes. Each square is covered with the Grand Seiko logo, but at the 10-minute position (2 At the o’clock position), the brand’s symbolic lion logo emphasizes the king’s breath of the 10th anniversary limited edition model. At the same time, the inner edge of the dial is also engraved with the words ‘Caliber 9R 10th Anniversary Since 2004′, where ’10th’ falls exactly at the position of 10 minutes (2 o’clock), echoing the lion logo on the surface, and the back cover is also engraved. With ‘Limited Edition’ and limited serial number, it can highlight the precious value and commemorative significance of this watch.
The dial’s outer ring uses a rare track scale design, which highlights the high accuracy of the 9R Spring Drive movement with a scale of 1/5 seconds; the unique sliding needle mode allows the hand-smelted blue steel hands to quietly rest on the The scale slides naturally, and the three-dimensional cylindrical polygonal time scale increases time legibility. It records the 10 years of 9R Spring Drive in a timeless style.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of SEIKO’s deep ploughing in Taiwan. In order to thank the Taiwanese consumers for their support, the Grand Seiko Thanksgiving Special Campaign is launched. During the event, whenever you buy any Grand Seiko watch at all distribution bases in Taiwan, you will receive a Grand Seiko original factory. A collection box, let you keep the classic timekeeping, inherit Seiko’s top watchmaking craftsmanship

Pursuing extreme detail and precision, long-lasting power, extraordinary precision
It took 20 years. After generations of watchmakers’ heritage and hard work, Seiko developed the world’s first Spring Drive manual winding ‘7R78 movement’ in 1999, a major breakthrough in the history of chronographs. In 2004, In addition, Grand Seiko designed a 9R self-winding movement tailored to obtain power through the torsion of the mainspring. At the same time, it achieves excellent precision through the control of IC and quartz oscillator. It has both ‘mechanical’ and ‘quartz’ The advantages of the two are that no battery or motor is needed, and its stable accuracy is almost immune to external environmental influences such as temperature changes, shocks, vibrations, etc., and it has achieved more than five times the accuracy of ordinary mechanical watches. More than one patent has become the self-sufficient driving structure of Seiko.

Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive 10th Anniversary Limited Edition model, combining classics to create eternal glory and achieve timeless style

The 9R caliber developed with the goal of the world’s most advanced practical self-winding structure, has an extremely precise, power-saving design that reaches 72 hours of power (3 days chain), and a highly efficient automatic winding structure. After the market, it has been highly evaluated worldwide. The 9R15 movement used in the Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive 10th Anniversary Limited Edition model is not only stricter in the selection of quartz oscillators, but also adjusted according to the characteristics of individual movements, and its accuracy reaches an average monthly difference of ± 10 Second (day difference ± 0.5 seconds), the 18K gold ‘Lion Badge’ automatic disc shines in the transparent case back of the watch, which is a symbol of high precision, once again highlighting the Grand Seiko 9R Spring Drive 10th Anniversary Limited Edition The extreme precision and meticulous texture of this section allow the top watchmaking craftsmanship to last a glorious time.