The structure of the tourbillon has always been very mysterious, and has been promoted by famous watches. The ability to develop a characteristic tourbillon watch also shows its technical capabilities and proves that it is an amazing watch factory. Tourbillon is a very precise structure. In the days when pocket watches were popular, masters who had the ability to make tourbillon pocket watches independently were respected by the world, because in that era, the processing machine was not as precise as today, and all parts depended on manual work. With traditional watchmaking tools, parts are manufactured one by one. Of course, the size of each part must be quite precise in order for this tourbillon to run normally and accurately. Because of the difficulty in making it, everyone who can make a tourbillon pocket watch can be called a master watchmaker.
Since the Breguet master invented the tourbillon in 1790, a tourbillon device that resists errors caused by gravity, until 1950, in these 160 years, pocket watches with tourbillon devices appeared around the world. There are not many watches and watches. From the quotation library of our watch house, there are 708 models, but there are many classics.

Internal structure of the tourbillon watch
 In modern times, tourbillons have been manufactured in large numbers, with more and more varieties and prices, and there are too many brands in production, but maintenance problems in the future are a headache, especially for watches with this tourbillon device, almost Swiss All brands require returning to the original factory for repair. Technically speaking, returning to the original Swiss factory for maintenance is the most correct, because the watches with tourbillon devices are very precise, and the technicians without sufficient and complete training are indeed incompetent. The biggest problem when sending it back to Switzerland for repair is that it takes a long time, about 3 to 6 months. The maintenance costs, freight, and maintenance costs are also considerable.
If you really want to repair, you must not only pay attention to it, but also pay attention to the board and tourbillon components. Keep the original shape and do not scratch it. The screwdriver must be ground to match the groove of the screw cap, so that the screw will not be injured when loosening. If you want to clamp out the part, it is best to make the tweezers at 90 ° to the plane of the part, so as not to hurt the surface of the small part. When assembled back, try to use wicker fiddle parts to return to place. Don’t light too much oil, and you need to be very careful when fine-tuning the slow and fast needles, otherwise the components of the tourbillon may be damaged.
 In fact, the tourbillon pays attention to its design. The unique design is unique and can highlight its value. The sanding process is also the most time-consuming process. It is not only beautiful, but also the focus of attention.

Theoretically, the accuracy of the tourbillon is more accurate than that of ordinary watches, but now that the precision of the tool machine is improved, and the manufacturing technology is improved, the general watches are quite accurate, not worse than the tourbillon, so the process of the tourbillon The value, the pleasure of watching and playing, and the identity status of the brand representative far outweigh its practicality.
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