Not to mention you may not know that TUDOR’s Pelagos series is a more professional diving watch than the Black Bay series. Although Black Bay is a popular style of Tudor in recent years, it is more professional than professional. The Pelagos series will not be inferior. In addition to the luminova material in the design, including the hands and time scales, the wearer can understand the time information at a glance. Tudor also equipped it with a ceramic ring to enhance the protection of the front of the watch. Of course, the front These points mentioned can’t see any obvious difference between Pelagos and Black Bay, but the following ones are the key. For example, Pelagos uses a lighter and skin-friendly titanium metal material. Its waterproof performance is up to It’s 500 meters (200 meters for Black Bay), and even has a helium exhaust valve. If the wearer really has a diving purpose, the helium exhaust valve can greatly reduce the amount of gas molecules inside the watch when it returns to the shore. A chance to burst.

Even if the watch is to be worn outside a wetsuit, Pelagos’ titanium bracelet is perfect

Retractable Pelagos titanium chain
In addition, Pelagos also has a unique weapon, that is, it has a buckle design that can be automatically adjusted. Usually, the length of the chain is fixed when it is adjusted. If you want to adjust it later, you may have to return to it. The watch shop asks a professional master to help us adjust. The problem is coming. If you are wearing diving gear today and want to wear the watch outside your clothes, if it is a traditional chain strap, it may not tell you, but Pelagos’s automatic adjustment buckle Can solve our problem smoothly.
What’s so special about the automatic buckle
The self-adjusting buckle of the Pelagos titanium chain belt has Tudor’s patented adjustment spring device. This device can actively adjust the tightness according to the situation that the wetsuit may contract and expand when the wearer enters the deep sea and returns to the shore. There are 9 scales on the clasp, which indicates that the length of the chain strap can be adjusted quite flexibly. In this way, we do not have to rely on the master to adjust the length of the chain strap, and the convenience of wearing has also improved.

With the rubber strap that comes with the Pelagos watch

A rubber strap is also included
As for some people who do n’t like to wear a chain strap, Tudor also comes with a rubber strap. Although it does n’t have a self-adjusting buckle like a metal bracelet, the rubber strap is made near the buckle. The shape of a snake belly is also a design that helps to extend the flexibility of the strap. In short, Pelagos is not just a diving watch in the literal sense. It actually combines professional considerations in many details. Maybe we do n’t need it in our daily life. But for watch fans pursuing a professional posture, these thoughtful designs are still very effective when they choose a watch.