Peterstone is a variant of Tiger’s Eye, collectively referred to internationally (pietersite), sometimes also called ‘Eye of the Eagle’ or ‘Eye of the Falcon’, and also known as ‘Storm Gem’. It is a dense, hard quartzite rock with brown silk, brown, yellow, blue and other colors formed by natural bluestone asbestos or blue asbestos strongly corroded by carbon dioxide silica gel and cemented. It belongs to high-grade gemstone materials. . Jacques Dro’s Red Petite HeureMinutePietersite is dazzling with its flickering, mysterious and intense colors. Today’s watch home brings you this beautiful Watch, reference model: J005004270.

The dial made by Jacques de Roche’s selection of Peterstone presents an all-encompassing texture, like a wonderful world, beautiful and unforgettable.

The diameter of this watch is 35mm. Jacques Dro’s signature eccentric hour and minute dial is located at 12 o’clock on the large dial. It highlights the dial’s exquisite materials while also exquisite and elegant.

This watch is paired with a sapphire crystal glass, showing an elegant arc, clearly transmitting the exquisite and unique dial material.

The 18K white gold crown is round and exquisite, shining with the dazzling luster of precious metal. The two seven-pointed star marks on the top of the crown symbolize its outstanding brand quality.

This watch is equipped with a black hand-rolled large check crocodile leather strap. The strap is exquisitely made of leather and finely crafted, which complements the white gold case, exuding deep elegance and luxury.

The case made of 18K white gold is exquisitely crafted, fully displaying the texture of precious metals. The thickness of the watch is moderate, the lines are round and elegant, and the low-key luxury exudes a bit of elegant classic charm.

The lugs look more delicate and slender from the front, showing the brand’s delicate and elegant style. A rounded corner design makes the curvature of the back fit the wrist more comfortably.

The strap is paired with a finely polished 18K white gold pin buckle. The shape is simple and classic, and it is easy to use. The pin buckle is printed with Jacques Dro’s logo symbolizing Jacques Dro’s reliable brand quality.

The two exquisite blue steel hands slowly rotate on the white eccentric inner dial to reflect the deep blue light. The white dial and blue needle are the most classic combination, and they subtly cater to the overall tone of the watch.

Peter Stone’s dial is a masterpiece of nature’s magical axe, with strange strokes depicting an endless scene of artistic conception, such as flowing clouds and flowing clouds, but also winds and clouds, changing and reminiscent.

The limited edition of this watch is only 28 pieces. The edge of the bottom of each watch is engraved with an independent number. Through the sapphire crystal in the center of the bottom case, you can enjoy the movement of the 22K white gold oscillating weight and the exquisite movement.

This watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement with a dual barrel, which provides a power reserve of up to 68 hours. The movement is finely polished and exquisitely crafted, which is dazzling. You can see a clover mark unique to Jacques Drott on the splint.

Summary: The designer of Jacques Dro has changed the rough surface of the ore through clever craftsmanship, and has carved out the natural and awe-inspiring artifacts to make them bloom with natural beauty. Each of the Peterstones that make the dial has carefully selected blue-colored stones. The uneven mineral material is like a painter’s pen, depicting a beautiful scene that changes a lot and has a great mood. At present, the domestic price of this watch is 186,000 yuan, and the global limit is only 28 pieces. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

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