Watch after-sales are mainly divided into several categories, such as adding or removing bracelets or changing straps, etc., which are fast services. Although we generally understand that replacing batteries is also fast service, in fact, due to battery replacement even disassembly The watch also includes waterproof test and replacement of waterproof parts, so it is not ‘fast’. In addition, after-sales service in Neuchâtel, the service also includes full service, partial service, polished watch head and polished watch band. The full service is to ‘refurbish’ the entire watch, and some services are only to deal with the fault. The latter two are well understood. The strap and the watch head are appearance parts, which are easy to produce scratches or bumps during use. So it needs to be sanded and repaired. It is worth noting that for all of the above services, if the appearance parts need to be replaced, the cost of replacement parts will be charged. In the full service, the parts that are naturally worn by the movement itself will not be charged for parts. If there are human factors that cause component failure , On the basis of full service costs, separate parts costs will be charged.

Next, let’s take a look at the current after-sales offer of Blancpain:

Neuchatel has adjusted the after-sale price since April 1, 2017. We can compare the adjustment range:

   It is not difficult to see that apart from the full service, the remaining prices have not been adjusted, but there is no clear news as to whether the cost of parts has been adjusted. In addition, after you buy a watch, you must understand the after-sales terms in detail, because many brands require highly waterproof watches, you need to do waterproof testing every year, otherwise it may not be guaranteed.