Bulgari Launches Condotti Avenue Watch

BVLGARI continues to pay tribute to history, with the name “Via dei Condotti 10” (Condoti Avenue 10) in Rome, Italy. ~ Via Dei Condotti watch, because of its extremely affordable price, it is equipped with a curved case, mechanical movement, automatic winding and see-through caseback, and the side is marked with the Bulgari founding year 1884. Limited quantity only for single release, Taiwan quota is limited. It is bound to set off a wave of collection for watch fans!

Bulgari, an Italian contemporary jeweller known for jewellery, originated in the Epirus district of Greece. More than a hundred years ago, the founder of the family, Sotirio Bulgari, brought back centuries of craftsmanship here and created precious silver sculptures. In 1879, Sotirio Bulgari immigrated to Italy as a family, and after living in Naples for several months, he led his family to Rome and settled down. Sotirio initially sold his silverware in front of the French Academy in Pincio. Later, a Greek businessman lent Sotirio a corner of the shop window on Via Sistina street to display his products. So Sotirio has set foot on his future achievements with his unique decorative design style. road. In 1884, Sotirio opened its first store on the same street.

 In 1894, Sotirio relocated to Via Condotti 28. Later, in 1905, the shop was relocated to Via dei Condotti No. 10, and borrowed the title of a novel by British writer Dickens, and the shop was named ‘Old Curiosity Shop’ to attract tourists from Britain and the United States. During this period, Sodillo considered each customer’s different needs for jewelry, and began to increase the number and style of jewelry and silver jewelry to meet the diverse choices of customers. In 1934, three months after Soderio’s death, the Via Condotti store was refurbished and opened for business. The brand new store reopened on April 9, 1934, received wide acclaim, and will later become Bulgari’s historic flagship store. After World War II, Via dei Condotti 10 was often star-studded with numerous celebrities, and many undefeated idols in the minds of fans have been Ansa’s good patrons! Including movie stars Kirk Douglas, Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, Ingrid Bergman and many other movie stars have visited Bulgari Condotti Avenue store.

 The Bvlgari ‘Kondotti Avenue’ watch uses Bvlgari’s exclusive B77 Caliber automatic mechanical movement, which features hour, minute, minute and date display performance, and is decorated with Geneva ripples and pearl dots. The 40mm black carbon fiber and stainless steel case has a classic and timeless design with an 18k white gold crown and a soft calfskin strap. In addition, it has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a see-through caseback for a perfectly curved design . Black and matte finish dial with embossed hands, engraved with Via Dei Condotti 10 Roma, the landmark of the BVLGARI store, engraved with the 18K white gold commemorative logo of the BVLGARI brand’s founding year ‘1884’ on the case side, special Monumental. The price of the Bvlgari Conduit Avenue watch is quite reasonable at only NT $ 68,000, and it will be available for sale at Bvlgari boutiques across the province.

Charming New Timepiece For Sportsman’s Diary: Radar High-tech Ceramic Watch Yunwen Yunwudu Type

Welcome to the midsummer, put on a new look for yourself and show your new charm! Whether it’s the Yayi fitted cotton and linen suit that always catches the eye at work, or the sportswear that is enough to let you show off your skills and superb ball skills on the court during the vacation; (RADO) High-tech ceramic series watches add points to your wonderful life anytime, anywhere. From the dynamic HyperChrome series to the chic and comfortable DiaMaster high-tech ceramic series and the elegant Sven Coupole Classic automatic series watches, different design styles make you unique.
Rado Star High-Tech Ceramic Touch Dual Time Zone Watch

   The HyperChrome series has always been the most dynamic wrist watch in all series of radar watches. A chronograph in 2012 won the design award of the United States Good Design Award. This high-tech ceramic automatic chronograph watch is unique and unique. The three hour, minute and second chronograph small dials on the silver-gray dial provide both the timekeeping and aesthetic design of the entire watch. The one-piece ceramic watch uses an exclusive patented plasma processing technology, which does not contain a bit of metal, but exudes a mysterious metallic luster, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and is brave to be different. This is the iconic taste of ICON. The black dial with rose gold hands is another great choice.
   Another newly launched Hao Xing series touch-sensitive UTC dual time zone watch (Dual Timer), in addition to the trendy design without the crown is equipped with modern technology and easy-to-use functions, this dual-time zone touch watch has a radar watch As always, the outstanding appearance, whether it is a low-key luxury model decorated with rose gold dial, or a stylish and elegant belt model, are the perfect match when traveling! The lightweight, low-sensitivity high-tech ceramics not only make the entire watch more comfortable to the wrist, even when passing the security check, you don’t need to take it off. It is a famous symbol to accompany you anywhere in the world time zone. Actually the best timepiece for a sportsman’s flight diary.
Radar meter DiaMaster series plasma high-tech ceramic hollow limited automatic watch

   Since its launch, DiaMaster has given this series of watches refined, elegant, simple and timeless features. In particular, ‘plasma high-tech ceramics’ has been included in the popular vocabulary of this series. 20 watches in the entire series have adopted this breakthrough Material. For watch fans who love the limited edition, the radar watch has a special hollow model before and after the launch (limited to 499 in the world). The wearer can clearly see the movement of the movement through the sapphire crystal surface and the back case. The small complexity adds another topicality to this watch! The special five-section chain strap unique to this series of watches is made of high-tech ceramics, which makes the watch more fit to the wrist, and cleverly sets off the true nature and innerness of the gentleman.
Coupole automatic watch

   An elegant Swan LOOK radar watch Coupole series can best show the serious side of men. Coupole series is the introduction of radar watch and high CP value of the series models, open white round dial perfectly set off rose gold hands The dial is covered with a curved sapphire crystal, and the three-row two-tone gold chain strap perfectly presents charming elegance. Another dark brown leather strap with a black surface gives you a unique low-key elegance. Style. This series of automatic watches are equipped with ETA automatic movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours.
   The well-known Swiss watch brand Radar has always been known for its high-tech ceramics. Ninety percent of the watches are made of ceramic materials. Scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, lightweight and anti-allergic are synonymous with the brand. new. To meet the new summer season, wearing a brand new high-tech ceramic watch will also add endless charm to your sportswear!