In 2003, Breitling launched the ‘Breitling for Bentley’ (Breitling for Bentley), and now it has entered the 10-year mileage cup. For those who love watches and understand the car may not be the latest topic; but recently The superstar David Beckham officially became the spokesperson for the global image of the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’. Swiss watchmaking, British top-level car manufacturing technology and Beckham’s perfect British male style, a strong golden triangle combination, of course, once again occupy the media. , Set off a new wave of craze. With this trend, ‘World Premium CLUB’ co-hosted ‘BREITLING Breitling 2013 New Product VIP Appreciation’ in cooperation with Breitling, focusing on the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’ and other classic series of the brand, such as Chronomat, Navitimer, and Avenger. The works are presented directly in front of 20 VIP guests, leading the guests to know Breitling’s latest works, so that VIPs can better find their own golden combination of good cars and watches.

 Are the two brands that use the ‘B’ as a sign of wings spreading their wings? !!

 The collaboration between Breitling and Bentley can be traced back to 2002. For the first time, Bentley made the watchmaker take on the responsibility of designing the Continental GT sports car technical instruments and building the clock on the dashboard, injecting Breitling style into this extraordinary luxury sports car. Cooperation between the two top brands has begun.

 At the beginning of the ‘BREITLING 2013 New Product VIP Appreciation Fair’, ‘World Premium Club’ chose to use the brand’s flying theme as a short film to break the ice for this appreciation fair! Breitling is the only watch brand with a jet fleet. Naturally, it is necessary to show this pride to watch fans from time to time. The short film shows the brand’s love for flying, investment in aviation timepieces, and conquer the scene with humor. VIP. After watching the short film, we will lead the guests on the scene into the brand history of Breitling. Although Breitling is one of the few independent watch manufacturers that does not belong to any major group, the brand’s many achievements in the watch industry are not to be underestimated.觑 For example, the design and appearance of the two independent chronograph buttons on modern chronographs are laid by Breitling, 100% Swiss, and it is one of the earliest brands that proposed 100% of all watches to be certified by the Swiss Observatory (COSC). The number of certified watch models announced by the Observatory is beyond the reach of other brands. With its charm and strength, Breitling is able to stand out from many top watch brands and attract the synonymous with luxury car art-Bentley’s cooperation with it is completely unsurprising, it is just a matter of course!

 Our editor-in-chief, Xiao Zhongjun, even personally showed up at the appreciation party and shared the short stories of himself and Breitling with the guests on the spot. He said: ‘In fact, I have been wearing Breitling for more than ten years. Although I also have other brands of watches, I often choose Breitling watches when I want to go out. I wonder why I often choose Breitling. It’s very important. ‘Quality.’ He mentioned that during a visit to a watch factory in Switzerland, this watch factory made watch bands for many top brands. Breitling is also one of them. In addition to good quality, CP value is even more One of the great advantages of Breitling watches is that insisting on the small and beautiful Breitling does not spend a large budget on publicity, but also reflects on the price. He said: ‘Breitling has always been trusted in quality and quality control. Whether it’s going to the mountains or going to the sea or wearing a suit, Breitling’s design really has a unique aspect!’ After the experience, of course, the VIPs at the scene certainly wanted to appreciate the new watch works brought by Breitling, and the event also entered a real climax-the appreciation began!

 Beckham officially became the spokesperson for the global image of the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’. This series has once again raised the topic. After all, who doesn’t want to be a Beckham-like British man? . This image advertisement was chosen to be shot in the California desert, showing the British tough style.

 If you go to the Breitling official YouTube channel, you will find that most of the brand’s videos have one thing in common-flying. At the beginning of this appreciation session, several wonderful videos of the brand will be displayed as a warming place, leading the VIPs to ‘fly’ into the world of Breitling.

 The most interesting video of the day was the ‘Too Late Baby’, please press the play button yourself (quite humorous, be sure to see the end)!

 Brand personnel explained the Breitling history to the on-site VIPs, setting many first and only proud records, so that the on-site VIPs have a deeper understanding of Breitling!

 In addition to the focus of this appreciation ‘Breitling Bentley Series’, there are also classic series such as Chronomat, Navitimer, Avenger, and limited edition models, as many as dozens of new watches, the super lineup is for VIPs Seeing nothing!

 Due to the rich variety of watches at this appreciation party, the editor selects a Bentley GMT special edition diamond watch from the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’ to introduce to you.

 The ‘Breitling Bentley Series’ Bentley GMT Chronograph is an original model launched by Breitling in 2008. The design of the world time zone cleverly displays the required second time zone. An independent red hour hand, with a hollow triangular tip, starts with 24. The hour is displayed once. Just turn the rotating bezel engraved with 24 cities, and place the required time zone on the place of the red pointer. Global time can be seen at a glance! This model also has the technical specifications of the 30-second timekeeping function, which means that the central hand can run around the dial for half a minute instead of the usual 60 seconds. The purpose is to make the second reading accurate to 1/8 second.

 The Bentley GMT special edition diamond watch from the Centennial Bentley series is definitely one of the most eye-catching watches. The bezel is set with 60 diamonds and is dazzling. Like the Bentley GMT series watches, it has convenient world time zone functions, and its decoration and practicality made this watch attracted much attention at the appreciation; however, according to the brand, this Breitling Bentley GMT special edition diamond watch will be It will be exhibited in Taiwan for a short time. If there is no suitable buyer, it will be transferred to other countries, so interested watch fans have to speed up!

 The crown is adorned with the brand’s ‘B’ lettering, and the special knurled relief on the bezel is a unique feature of the ‘Breitling Bentley Series’, inspired by the typical radiator partition pattern of Bentley sports cars.

 The knob on the left side of the case is used to adjust the time to display the second time zone on the outside of the surface, and to divide the day and night time.

 The back of the watch is engraved with the ‘B’ logo and special edition lettering, which highlights the nobility and speciality of this watch!

 From the eyes of the VIPs focusing on the watch, they know how attractive the models on display are.

 How can the VIPs be satisfied just by looking at the watch? They must be worn on the wrist to try and know which one is your Breitling.

 Although most of the men’s watches were displayed at the appreciation meeting, the female VIPs remained enthusiastic and tried on the watches they were interested in. It seems that girls wear boyfriend shirts, and girls don’t have a different sexy look with men’s watches, especially masculine and handsome watches like Breitling!

 At the end of the appreciation meeting, the exciting lead time was edited by the editor-in-chief, souvenirs were awarded to the VIPs who successfully reached the destination. It was the next most important thing whether the guests and the guests were happy.

Tips: Not only watch appreciation, but also taste life!

 The location of this appreciation meeting was selected at the Hongdi Home Deluxe Exhibition Hall located on the 7th floor of Changchun Road in Taipei. In addition to the spacious and comfortable exhibition room, VIPs were free to enjoy the tables and place delicate meals and drinks. The kitchenware also attracted the attention of VIPs on the spot. Hongdi’s agents include top kitchenware brands such as Germany’s LEICHT, bulthaup and Japan’s TOYO. With these top-level kitchenware to help out, it is undoubtedly the icing on the cake for the appreciation! The fine dining on the day was provided by contemporary French meals. Not long ago, they provided food and beverage services for the grand new car presentation of the well-known sports car brand at the Kaohsiung Xiaogang Airport. The exquisite appreciation was naturally handy and quickly handled The exquisite little points made the VIPs at the scene not only satisfied with their eyesight, but also full of their mouthfeel!

 The exhibition space provided by Hongdi HOME DELUXE for this event, with its spacious space and excellent atmosphere, will make all guests coming home feel comfortable and appreciate each Breitling’s latest watch works comfortably.

 The exquisite meals on the day of the appreciation, accompanied by low-key luxury kitchenware, now bring a warm atmosphere to the event.